What Does Brand Clarity Mean?

When you understand who you are and the descriptive phrases that define your business, you really begin to develop brand clarity. You start to realize how you should be marketing. What you should be saying – and how you should be saying it. Most importantly, developing an identity helps you understand WHO will value your message the most.

Why is it so Important to Clarify Branding?

Promoting brand clarity not only strengthens your voice but it helps you define your customers. But this doesn’t involve labeling and assumptions. I’m referring to a thorough understanding that evolves as they do. When you know who will buy into your unique value, it’s a lot easier to figure out where your message will be received best (or what marketing channel makes the most sense).

Many businesses are afraid that doing this will pigeon hole the brand and limit their reach. But they don’t realize that mimicking others or conforming to industry standards simply places them into a bucket of options. They’re not actually doing anything to be remembered when it matters the most. Does your brand voice speak to an ideal target audience at every phase of their unique buying cycle?

Can you imagine how much more effective your marketing would be if this was solidified on the front end?

Brand Clarity Evokes a Quality First Impression.

What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is the simple fact businesses are afraid to BE themselves. They’re afraid of being vulnerable. That people (or customers) won’t accept them. That they won’t like them. Like potential customers are just a number. Just a demographic. That they’re all the same. That they have the same thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and emotions. But, they’re not all the same.. and neither is your business.

Consumers Trust Who They Can Identify With.

People are looking for something to believe in. Something to get behind. They want to buy into brands that that take the time to understand who they are. That know their why. That communicate their how. That know their purpose and understand their value. They want to support brands that are willing to strong arm their position in the marketplace with confidence and certainty.

Don’t be basic and you won’t be viewed that way. Strive to be recognizable, harness your identity and your customers will embrace your brand clarity.

Need to Improve Brand Clarity?

Our initial discovery session will never involve a sales pitch. 

How to Create Purposeful Promotions During a Pandemic.

Purposeful Promotions in a Pandemic.

Here are some simple ways businesses can communicate the essence of their brand to drive new acquisition or retain loyalty when resources are limited.

In the world today, plenty of people are strapped for cash. The Coronavirus has left quite the trail of destruction and business owners have been longing for the light at the end of the tunnel for a few months now. In a matter of days, millions of people lost their grip on what they thought was their future.

When it comes to surviving life in general, consistency, direction and adaptation are usually rewarded. The same can be said in business. Nearly every company faces a wall of adversity as some point in time. In reality, most fail before they even get started because the company isn’t built to survive. Getting a business off the ground and keeping it running is no easy task.

Because of this, nobody should run one without proper training, adequate experience (competence) and a vision that means something. Far too many people look to launch for the money and autonomy. But they quickly find themselves in over their head. No matter how coveted a product or service is, the brand and the experience is what keeps customers coming back.

In a time like this, not everyone has to fail. But if you’re focused on duplicating other entrepreneur’s efforts and following guides created by salesmen then it’s going to be an uphill battle. Nobody likes to select from a “bucket of options” or be sold or told what to do. Inexperience can be devastating during unexpected periods of time – like a pandemic.

The reason I bring this up is because there are tons of operations out there that could be winning right now instead of sitting on their hands. Just because you’re experiencing limitations doesn’t mean opportunity doesn’t exist. There’s always a chance to get in front of someone that’ll value your brand.

Brand Equity Can Be Built During a Pandemic.

It doesn’t take a lot of time and money to interact with consumers right now. For the most part, all you have to do is see what’s trending. Over the past few months, nearly everyone has been online, surfing for the latest delicacy or indulgence to keep them entertained. Discussing what everyone else is can be an easy way to build brand awareness. At the same time, it’s fairly cumbersome – and why would you want to do what everyone else does?

Understanding Your Customers Makes a Big Difference.

One of the best and easiest and most effective ways to market a brand is to understand your ideal target customer. If you don’t carry a passion for who you are, what you provide and who your customers are then.. that’s a shame. Knowing who you serve best is an immense advantage. So how is the process of understanding a marketing strategy? Well, what do you think the result of having quality conversations with your customers would be?

Asking people about their preferences or if there are ways you could do business better are good ways to strengthen relationships during tough times. Any form of genuine communication should be received well right now. From the consumer’s perspective, your actions speak volumes. They take note of businesses that continue to pursue their target market, even in the midst of loss.

Let the Market Understand You Better.

At the end of the day, authenticity is the best way to promote with purpose during a pandemic. Everyone is going through something right now. If you haven’t learned anything since March, then you’re probably doing something wrong. Listen, if you’re worried about the business, then you’ve got to let people know.

Hiding behind your desk or crossing your fingers that things turn around is a bad strategy. Have some humility, get in front of a camera and look for ways you can be transparent and authentic with the current state of the business. Plenty of people are looking for things they can identify with right now. Why can’t it be your business?

Maybe you’re dealing with relational problems or you had to let go of tenured employees for the first time. Maybe you’re struggling to adjust to a work-from-home environment. Maybe you’d like to share some of the curveballs you’ve faced thus far and how you’ve overcome roadblocks throughout. Maybe you want to honor someone from your staff or jump on a podcast with an affiliate company.

Talking to people about real people things build real relationships. Moreover, when you’re able to be vulnerable in the public eye, consumers are able to see your heart and the passion you have for the business to thrive. People want to believe in leaders like that. Raw, uncut content from a time of struggle can be extremely powerful for your brand.

Promotional Purpose is So Important.

So if you’re looking for ways to publish purposeful promotions during a global pandemic, just keep it simple. Show your true colors and discuss unique topics that set you apart from your competition. There’s no need to turn to desperate measures for short term relief when the longevity of your business is vital to your success.

Never lose sight of your big picture and always leverage your identity. Constantly being consistent (constancy) and building an open community establishes and sustains loyalty. If you don’t want to return to the workforce for less pay than before you started, then you’re going to have to dare to be different. An unwillingness to survive simply tells me you never had a true purpose to begin with.

Be purposeful with everything you do and always remember to PreFocus. info@prefocus.solutions.

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PreFocus Updates: True Branding Derives From Patience and Consistency.

PreFocus Updates: True Branding Derives From Patience and Consistency.

Slowing Down, Not Complacency, is Forming My Brand Identity.

When it comes to building a business, one of the most difficult things to embody is patience. As a visionary, I’ve always gotten sucked into my end goal and detoured by possibilities along the way. But you have to realize at some point that consistency (or constancy) wins the race. While every experience is dense with fruit, rushing things can sometimes be costly. This is why I’m so passionate about branding. The thing is, you have to build things the right way, if you’re really for the consumer.

A Little Story For Big Perspective.

Many business owners eventually find themselves putting on the same golf course over and over. While they grow tired of the stagnancy and repetition, there is a sense of comfort there. They know the clubhouse manager and routinely visit with the same people – the common folk that rarely challenge them to try anything new. There’s a relativity there that allows a sense of satisfaction to reside. It causes many to become complacent or even feel like the ceiling has been reached.

What ends up happening is they start skipping holes that they’ve become bored with. They stop playing the whole course and start to forget the whole reason why they started playing. The people around them tend to downplay their desire for a purpose and passion. They start to doubt and even settle for what’s seen as “enough.” There’s not really a standard there because they’re just winging it. But no matter how many holes-in-one we sink outside of our element, something will always be missing.

Now, many of you may not understand this analogy – or what I’m even referring to – and that’s OK. I’ve realized who my ideal client is and where they need to be in order to value what I bring to the table. Those that want to charge course will. The element of branding is who you really are and what you want your customers to experience. Don’t you see? They’re your marketing team.

Before You Combat a True Brand Identity.

Proving myself to those that disagree with an intentional identity that withstands external refinements is a waste of time. You may be able to make money but the grass isn’t greener. People are always eager to boast that making money online is easy. That there is a way to market a bad product or solution and still sustain the business. I’m not arguing with that. But if you have a purpose and an element of value you’re marketing, then you shouldn’t go about it this way.

Reaching for attention and sales pitches can never compete with reputation. The fact of the matter is, you (as the business owner, CEO, founder or president) really ought to be set out to accomplish, improve or supply something of value. Millions of marketers will tell you they can get you leads now but are they quality leads? If you offer a genuine, premium service, why pigeon hole yourself? No matter what the argument is, products and services should be provided or manufactured for the consumer.

Although I’ve been studying unethical advertising since 2006, it’s still hard to tell where we went wrong as a society. For whatever reason, marketing has turned into a sale. Corporations no longer aim to serve but to persuade. Quality and value has essentially been replaced.

Be Patient, I’m Getting to the Point.

My whole thing is, why compete here? Why try to garner attention or follow trends to funnel leads? Why partake in a look-alike competition? If you have a genuine purpose or passion behind your business, then you will stand out. There’s no need to listen to those that are chasing the money. Far too often, business owners with a real vision get sucked into distractions as well. They believe that they have to do what their competitors are doing in order to remain alive.

Not only are those of you with “big ideas” distracted by the marketplace, you’re also misled by marketers. Like I said before, millions of people are trying to sell business owners and CEO’s on their “idea” of marketing. The sales pitch oftentimes works here too. But the reason why so many companies are unable to reach their goals after coming to market is simple. They forget why they started. They don’t understand that brand establishment takes time.

Working with someone who’s willing to set them up for success while earning their trust and respect is important. Far too often, companies chase the revenue or listen to bad advice to get ahead. They put the buggy before the horse or chose to go after demographic audiences instead of patiently waiting for their ideal customers to find them. Many of you need results now – I get it. But if you’re really providing value and there’s a purpose behind your business, then customers need to know this about you.

Consumers need to view you as something and understand your promises. They need to be able to recognize your experience and know what to expect consistently. Shortcuts rarely result in sustainability. If you truly care about your customers, you have to be patient with the process. You won’t have anything to prove if you falter before you even get started.

How Direction, a PreFocus, Has Guided My Business.

Why would I take on a client for SEO services when they don’t value quality work or they have unreasonable expectations? Why set up a cheap PPC campaign or build a website for $1000 when it won’t really drive results? Why design a newspaper ad when a company could garner a higher return on Google ads? Where is my integrity if I forget what I stand for? How will people ever trust my insight when I partake in projects that aren’t fruitful just to get by? Even though I know I could do a good job, it’s not the point.

The point is, I know I bring so much more to the table and you probably do too. Every time we chose to be complacent, our brand suffers. Chasing the buck never got me anywhere. Standing for what’s best for the business has. Sometimes, saying “no” has cost me a lot of money. But it’s allowing me to create a consistent experience that decision-makers can trust and rely on. Today, I know what type of client we help the best. I know for a fact that waiting on them instead of giving in to make a little money is far more fulfilling.

My business partner and I are even getting phone calls from previous clients that we previously fired. They now understand the value and purpose behind the things we do. They know that the little things are important and are willing to have patience with us as we get them back on track. While we’re still faced with some conflict and kickback from clients, we know that our consistency is important.

If we want to stop going down the same paths or playing the same courses we hate, then we have to remain in our element every day. Reminding each other of this is essential. My goal is to one day direct a Super Bowl commercial. I’m not going to get there by managing 15 PPC campaigns and getting websites to page 1 on Google.

I’m going to get there by helping companies communicate their brand with a message that resonates with their ideal audience. Those that are looking for help here will eventually find me. However that may play out, I’m willing to wait. In the meantime, I need to continue documenting my journey and staying true to the same vision. Consumers deserve to know who can provide them with real value.

founder of prefocus jordan trask directing client during branding photoshoot for purpose and passion in phoenix az consumer audience

Applying Business Growth to My Everyday Life.

I mention all of these things because I’m constantly reminded to remain in my element and be patient. Every day, I’m faced with a number of challenges that could be better if I skipped some of the steps I’ve strategically laid out over the years. But I know that doing will take me off-track. Honestly, I don’t even know if I’m ready for certain advancements in my life right now.

While all of us would like to move faster, it’s always good to stop and smell the roses and see where the real opportunity lies. For the first time in a while, my family and I are enjoying the fruits of our labor. I’m especially grateful to have what we have during a global pandemic. We’re extremely blessed right now.

Not only do I have foundational partnerships and clients that lean on my loyalty, but I have a family and a wife that needs me a present as possible. I mean, we’re expecting our 6th child for crying out loud. All of this is a part of my branding and I need to be consistent here too. Staying mindful and doing what’s best for everyone is what my company is all about.

If You’re Struggling, Try to be Smart.

You see, chasing things because someone else is – or because someone else tells you to – is rarely advantageous. Many times, we get in our own way. We have this desire to knock down all of the dominoes fall when they’re not falling accordingly. But I urge you to try a few new courses. Explain your ideas and the vision of your culture to more people in new places.

Don’t allow complacency to sneak in. Build a brand that means something. Especially if your product or service is meaningful! Don’t allow narrow minded people to detour you. Find help piecing together your goals and find ways to create small wins in order to drive momentum. 

Building a company from an idea is hard, I know. I have a lot of regrets myself. But as cliche as it sounds, grow through what you go through. When you’re vulnerable throughout, the public knows you care. We’re all human here so show your heart. Create an aura around the business. This is branding. An ability to harness a purpose and communicate a value is more important now than ever before. Everyone is trying to sell something online because we’re all home.

Anyone is now a marketer with the magic touch. So stop looking for sales to win and build a brand that lasts. It may be a tough time to be patient because of COVID-19, but the fruits of a PreFocus are worth it.

“If you want to live like no one else, you have to be willing to live like no one else.” 

– Dave Ramsey

PreFocus Updates: Things Are Still Foggy But the Vision Remains Clear

PreFocus Updates: Things Are Still Foggy But the Vision Remains Clear

Unlike what most business coaches and “experts” will tell you, building a quality business is tough. While society seems to be obsessed with selling, I’m in the business of creating intrigue and real experiences in order to help my clients establish a reputation. No matter how good you are at persuading people, sustainability isn’t attainable without a sense of value. While it may take a while, it’s easier when your vision remains clear no matter what.

Look, anyone can start a business and publish a website. But it doesn’t mean they’re competent. People that are good at sales tend to experience quick success that’s normally short-lived. It’s why customer service has escaped the realities of most CEO’s. Proving you can close the customer is rewarded in today’s world. It’s how scams are birthed. The thing is, people can’t seem to figure out why they can’t keep winning or why a better option always comes a long. Well that’s what happens when you set yourself up to be viewed as an option.

Recognition is More Than Being Seen.

When the leaders of companies aren’t in tune with the actualities of their craft and the customers that need it, they usually scramble to hold things together. When they stick to the purpose of the business and a definitive set of values, consumers are drawn to them. While the entirety of what I see as “The PreFocus” isn’t completely tuned yet, people are starting to understand what it is that I’m set out to solve.

As you may have read in my last PreFocus update, the cloudy desire to be appreciated and respected can get in the way of a lot of people’s success. As human beings, we tend to look for ways to prove our worth or sell ourselves instead of harnessing who we are and what we’re really good at. Chasing revenue and an ability to accomplish a number of tasks doesn’t help anyone attain their vision.

If anything, it creates stagnancy and complacency. When we’re not living in our element, we falter out of desperation and wonder why we’re not appreciated. But the fault lies solely on leadership or management. Marketing isn’t a sale, it’s a first impression and potentially an experience.


A Consistent Vision Will Eventually Win.

When the vision remains clear, people take notice. While it’s been exhaustingly difficult to off-board previous clients, build out exit plans and transition my brand understandings – I know it needs to be done now. Proving myself and completing challenges just isn’t getting me any closer to what PreFocus inevitably will be. But it doesn’t mean I need to be ashamed or feel unaccomplished for mishaps. It means I’ve learned a lot and I need to share this in hopes it’ll help people like you further charge your unique value.

I’ve always said, building a brand takes time. All kinds of people want to tell you how to fast track success and overcome the obstacles they faced but it’s the journey that defines you. The process defines your business. Like I mentioned before, reputation is everything. If you continue to pivot and attempt to sell something totally different until something sticks then you’re not allowing yourself to be known for something.

While I can regret some of the decisions I’ve made, I’ve come to realize that throughout every initiative I’ve provided, PreFocus has been prevalent. I haven’t wavered and I take pride in that. Whether I’ve managed a PPC campaign or a total website rebuild, we’ve remained invested in brand understanding while ensuring our client’s vision remains clear.


Small Wins Distract You From the Bigger Picture.

Unless there’s an obvious manipulation present, there aren’t many businesses that last a decade because of a strong sales pitch. If I can’t get business owners and CEO’s to understand the importance of brand clarity, then sustainability is a pipe dream. Not only should I let the company know this but I shouldn’t be a part of their strategies if they aren’t willing to set themselves up for success. I now know if I continue taking orders, I’ll simply set myself up for failure.

Up until the beginning of 2019, I started to see my goals becoming obsolete. Even though they remained the same, the passion was going away. Some of it was impatience and some of it was flat out doubt. Since people didn’t quite understand what I was building, they didn’t see the value. I let their lack of clarity impact mine and working for myself seemed hopeless.


At the end of the day, I was spending so much time educating people on basic marketing fundamentals that I got away from the reason why I started. I was attracting people that just wanted to do something, not necessarily build a brand. It wasn’t until I made changes that I started seeing results.

Walking the Walk Will Bring Results.

This past month was our most profitable month to date – and I’m pretty sure I said the same thing in my last blog. Since I was thinking too much about what didn’t transpire, I was missing opportunities to achieve. Now I refuse to look back. At the same time, I have to face everything with an open mind and understand where progress can occur. When you’re committed to a vision, it eventually becomes clear.

Facing facts and looking at yourself in the mirror is one thing, but implementing a plan is another. This is where I can help. If you find yourself losing passion for the business that you once couldn’t stop talking about then you have to make a choice. You can either continue listening to the people who will never value what you’re laying down or you can focus on a message that helps those that do. The ladder will set you free.

With that being said, you have to realize this goes against the marketing grain today. But while everyone bases their performance on immediate results, know that your commitment towards one goal will keep you on track. As you continue to reach milestones, others will turn to you for advice. While they’re changing careers, you’ll be scaling your business model. It just takes time.


Be Patient and Success Will Come.

Far too many new business owners and start ups feel like they need to make drastic changes when their thoughtful ideas aren’t grasped right away. Society tells you everything is about immediate results. That you’re only measured by your latest accomplishment. Well, I disagree and I believe I’m living proof. From someone who went from making $8,000 take home in the first year to being on pace for $200k in year 3, I’ll be the first one to tell you to keep your head down.

Find a coach, mentor or marketer (not an amateur) that’s willing to understand what you’re really set out to accomplish. Reboot that passion that might have gone dormant because you’ve been drowning while chasing revenue. Publish content that only speaks to those that will appreciate your purpose. Stop overthinking your worth. Put a price tag on it and stick to it. Know that bending what needs to be done can cause you to break. If you stick to the process, it’ll eventually pay off. Since i have 5 kids (4 girls) it’s kind of like being a parent.


Until the final product of PreFocus is complete, I’m going to keep pushing towards everything I’ve worked for. Why would I do anything else? Once people see my consistency and understand I’m not going anywhere, they’ll start to look into the actualities of my offering. Until then, I want to keep encouraging you to be the best version of yourself in order to ensure your vision remains clear.

At the end of the day, you’ve got a legacy to uphold.

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Rise Physical Therapy Marketing in Surprise, AZ

Physical Therapy Marketing Updates.

What’s been going on at Rise Since Their 1 Year Anniversary?


Working with Mark over past few years has truly been a pleasure. Not only does he value some of the same things I do, but he’s committed to growing his business the right way. Far too many healthcare providers invest in bland methods to promote their solutions. For whatever reason, they believe this is enough. But like I always say, basic efforts cause you to be viewed that way. For the most part, patients select physicians based on convenience and availability. Even though a majority of them long for personalized care, not many providers are speaking to them this way. While I may never be able to persuade the entire medical industry to alter their approach, some healthcare solutions are taking note. So, when it came to developing a physical therapy marketing strategy for Rise, it was easy.


Our style of marketing for Rise isn’t about sexy poses and attention grabbing posts – it’s about Mark’s genuine commitment to the patient. Since officially launching his business in 2017, he’s proven that authenticity actually works. He’s been open and vulnerable about the process and shown patients how much he cares by going above and beyond for them. Mark looks at the state of physical therapy marketing and laughs. He feels like it’s almost become another element of entertainment. He believes all patients want to go through the rehabilitation process with an experienced professional. To be quite frank, he’s absolutely right. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many followers or “likes” you have if patients don’t feel a physical therapist’s compassion and competent understanding of the entire body

mark jagodzinski knows the entire body for physical therapy marketing strategy in surprise az

The relationships that Mark has built over the years are really the foundation of his branding. I personally worked with Mark and Shea while regaining strength in my shoulder after surgery. Aside from knowing their level of knowledge is supreme, I know their ability to connect with patients is real. Capturing and promoting this has been one of the main focuses of our PreFocus with Rise. As you can see in some of the picture below, Mark knows how to make his patients feel comfortable. Even when a camera is in their face.


Why Authentic Physical Therapy Marketing is Hard to Buy Into.

Telling a business to invest in original means of marketing is tough. Everyone sees what their competition is doing. They’re compelled to compete and trump their level of engagement. The temptation to be cheesy is real in today’s world. But there’s no need to be something you’re not in order to attract potential customers. Eventually, people find out the experience is nothing like the marketing message. Loyalty derives from trust and if you’re not following through with this then you’re wasting your money. Moreover, you could be an amazing physical therapist but your marketing says otherwise. The message you communicate on a consistent basis is what creates your brand perception. Without this, you’re nothing but an option.


To learn more about some of the methods we’ve been using for Rise’s physical therapy marketing campaigns, you can always reach out and we can chat about it. All of our discovery sessions are free. Otherwise, I’d encourage you to follow Mark’s journey on his blog or his social media channels. We’re in the process of mapping out some valuable content that showcases the culture Mark has created in West Phoenix. In the meantime, be purposeful with everything you do and always remember to PreFocus.

Real Estate Branding Photoshoot with Kevin and Fred

Our Realtor Branding Photoshoot

With Kevin and Fred in Tempe, Arizona.

Purpose: Brand Personality Imagery for New Website

Request AnalysisAbout PreFocus

Back in June, I was contacted by KevinandFred.com about doing a real estate branding photoshoot for their new website. They were looking for creative, candid photography that they could repurpose for content strategies and use throughout their copy. Their main focus was to capture authentic lifestyle images with space for text. These types of photos are ideal for website headers, slideshows and social media memes. You’ll see some of the pictures aren’t centered for this reason. I love working on projects where the client values quality content and wants to communicate who they truly are. One of Kevin’s quotes is, “By being authentic with people that is when the good stuff happens.”

Our “PreFocus” for the Session:

The first step of the proposal was determining the settings of the shoot. Communication on the front end was vital because their office was about an hour away from ours. Alexa did a great job of sending me photos of the property so I could determine how the creative direction would flow. I also invested in a discovery session and additional research to gain a better grasp on who these guys were. Come to find out, they’re pretty successful realtors and are well-known throughout Phoenix. Once I knew more about them, I was able to piece together a shot list that would suit their audience best.

Our shot list included:
  • Work Arrival – getting out of the car and walking into the office with a serious tone.
  • Personality – playful banter and laid back value with two ad lib settings (arch and skateboard).
  • Hero Images – the use of courtyard arches and walls to create perspective
  • At Work – in the office interacting with each other.

Front-end planning is what we’re all about at PreFocus. Brand photography is more than traditional poses and settings. We want our clients to stand out. Since we set the expectations beforehand, Kevin and Fred were ready to roll the day of. As we kicked things off, we focused on simple poses so they could get comfortable with who we are.

Editing Styles for the Brand Imagery

Our editing style with this shoot was fun. We needed to communicate seriousness but also showcase Keven and Fred’s laid back personalities – and the bond between them. We decided to go with a rugged approach for the serious photos and a “lighter” style for the candid moments. We also wanted the mood of each photo to match the setting. This theme was prevalent throughout the project.

As you can see above, the editing style matches the emotions being conveyed in each picture. One is more dark with contrast while the other is brightened to capture the smile. Visual elements help you get your message across with emotions people can relate to. When you add text to a photo, the image needs to speak with the emotions conveyed.

The upward camera angle showcases authority in what most call a hero shot. Looking up at you causes your audience to subconsciously view you as.. well, a hero. We also left space in the photo so it could be used as a website header.

Team Portraits with Personality

After getting some cool headshots and hero images, we wanted to keep momentum rolling. This is where Fred stepped in and lightened the mood a little bit. As I mentioned above, this is where we lightened up the editing style. Once they were done taking jabs at each other, we zeroed in on a few serious shots of them together. Mixing up the editing styles gives them flexibility for content. Candid portraits are good for social media posts and “about” content while the rugged hero images suit advertising and cover art best.

Arriving to Work with Intention

The next thing I wanted to capture was “work arrival.” We wanted to start getting them comfortable being themselves and walking with intention. I know it might sound silly but, it’s important to ensure your audience that your serious about your business. So, we did a catwalk type of thing which created some humor that I’m sure they’ll appreciate revisiting over time. Here are a few other images that turned out well.

I love how we were able to embody the work arrival mindset. Whether it was from a distance or close up, both guys did a good job conveying a “let’s get to work” mentality. These types of shots are great for social media posts that include a motivating message. Showcasing the entrepreneurial mindset is a good approach during a realtor branding photoshoot.

Once we wrapped up this awkward portion of the photoshoot, we moved on to close ups. We liked the lighting here and we thought the backdrop against the white wall would be perfect for added text. The main focus here was to capture a few “chill” poses with additional space for website copy.

Getting Creative With Landmarks

As I scoped out the property prior to the shoot, I wanted to find a landmark that we could have some fun with. There was an arch over a sidewalk by the entrance that caught my eye. After listening to Kevin and Fred crack jokes the first hour, I thought it would be funny to have them push each other into the arch as they walked through it. Here is a photo of me attempting to explain this “angle.”

As you can see below, these guys had some fun “pushing” each other. Since this phrase epitomizes who they really are, you’ll see that we used it again later on in the session. Their real estate brand is all about having fun while pushing colleagues and partners to be better – and do better. We also left some space to the right in some of the photos for header images and text.

After capturing them push each other around for a long minute, we focused on some poses. It was easy with these guys because they were working as we were shooting. I had them reenact opening up a shocking email and sharing it with each other. These turned into some solid candid photos they can use for their homepage slider. Capturing who people really are during authentic moments is what’s fun about doing branding photoshoots.

Using Kevin’s Tesla as a Prop

Now that we had some good headshots and candid moments with the guys, we wanted to focus more on lifestyle photography. Since these two spend a lot of time on the road together (some of their videos are even done in the car), capturing shots in Kevin’s Tesla was a no-brainer. What really made these images cool was that they were actually discussing work while we photographed different angles. Multitasking at it’s finest..

We even got some cool shots of them getting out of the vehicle. As you can see, we kept the camera angle low to create the same authoritative look and feel for branding purposes.

X-Games Preparation with Kevin

When we got to their office, we asked if there were any props they’d like to use. Objects with company branding on them always bode well for online content. Kevin happened to have a brand new skateboard one of his clients gave him. Since we were ahead of schedule, we were able to get creative.

Aside from Kevin riding the skateboard, we knew we had to incorporate Fred. As aforementioned, pushing real estate agents to be better is one of the main characteristics of their business. So, we viewed this as another great opportunity to communicate the message. After Kevin cruised around for a few minutes, I showed Fred how to give him a friendly shove. Even though it looks like he’s going to smash into that tree, no realtors were injured during this photoshoot. Click on the image for a closer look.

Photographing “At The Office”

To wrap up this real estate branding photoshoot, we wanted to capture Kevin and Fred in their element. Placing them in the meeting room instead of a small office allowed us to take advantage of different angles. The whiteboard also gave us a cool motivational backdrop. We asked them to start their day as they normally would while we took some candid shots of their interaction and facial expressions. Smiling headshots and perfect poses will never speak to your target audience like authentic moments will.

We altered the editing style during this setting for the same reasons as before. Having image variations allows you to repurpose similar images for different forms of content. Although most of these will be on the website’s about page, we edited a few with an edgy look for social media and promotions (like above).

Since our photoshoot with Group 46:10, Kevin has used a few of these pictures on his social media channels. When the voice of the brand embodies work ethic and strategy, these types of images carry value.

Looking for Branding Photography?

There are plenty of different marketing strategies available to business owners. But, nothing speaks louder than original content and authentic photography. We’d love to talk with you about some of the benefits and features of our content production services. Otherwise, thanks for checking out our recent real estate branding photoshoot with Kevin and Fred!  If you’d like to learn more or schedule a free consultation, you can follow the Calendly link or hit the button below..