Why Most Businesses Fail Before Getting Started.

Launching a brand for the first time may seem like an easy process. People seem to think if you browse Google, you can find endless direction and tons of strategies to help you reach the pinnacle of success. But it doesn't mean you'll succeed. You can find some general framework, but branding and differentiating your value is what creates sustainability. This is where the well can run dry for most entrepreneurs.. Let me explain.



jordan-trask-speaking-at-the-glendale-chamber-of-commerce-about-branding-and-identity-development-for-small-business-marketing-efforts-and-attracting-new-customers-in-phoenixWhen I first began to piece together my company, I knew I was in over my head. I knew it was going to take a lot of work and I knew it would be disheartening at times. Unfortunately, I was motivated by a different set of circumstances that most entrepreneurs aren’t facing. We all have our “why” stories, don’t we? We all have a reason for launch. But, most businesses fail before getting started because they refuse to harness their reasoning and put it into action. Even more fail because they didn’t truly have a “why” to begin with.

Most new brands are getting so caught up in their “how” that they forget to create a personal connection behind their provisions. When things go wrong, it’s easier for them to waive the white flag instead of going to battle alongside their purpose. When the purpose is nonexistent, the brand doesn’t stand a chance.

For me, failure wasn’t an option. But for most, failure isn’t being comprehended properly. Moreover, business development isn’t being executed reasonably. As more and more businesses populate the online hemisphere, it’s important that brands with purpose stand out. Instead of stooping to the level of those that are destined to fail anyways, you must stay the course and pivot around your value.

Controlling What You Can Control.

Sometimes, I dislike this phrase. I wish there was another way to convey it’s meaning. But, there really isn’t and it suits my point best. In business, we all face unexpected obstacles that detour our dreams. Every business is privy to similar mistakes and ignorantly ignoring this is a problem. Staying true to your why and honing in on what you can control will guide you through rough waters. So, what exactly can you control to ensure you push through tribulation?

the-nonexistence-of-passion-and-purpose-is-why-so-many-businesses-fail-before-getting-started-jordan-trask-president-of-prefocus-solutions-while-filming-a-video-advertisement-for-mobile-skin-screening-in-surprise-azFirst and foremost, you can control the avoidance of lackadaisicalness by solidifying the competencies and definitive value of your business. Copying what someone else has already done is a recipe for disaster. Staying in your lane and refusing to veer from your purpose is a good start. From here, consistently expanding on how you serve your customers differently is one of the easiest things to control.This is essentially what branding means. Once you start trying too hard to persuade, the element of value slowly diminishes.

Boasting about what you can do instead of explaining “why” you’re doing it simply throws you into a bucket of options that all sound the same. Control how you resonate with your audience by creating a culture and voice that’s welcoming and speaks to them. Force feeding them benefits will only cause them to look at other menu items. Once you’ve lost control of perception, the rest goes screaming downhill.

From what I’ve seen, far too many businesses invest far too much into design elements, logos and tag lines. This isn’t necessarily their fault as traditional branding has been overtaken by creative sales. Have you ever considered that consumers are simply looking for someone to cater to them in a different type of way? They don’t necessarily need you looking “cute” throughout. Most businesses fail before getting started because they dump so much capital into these unnecessary initiatives.

Lastly, you can control how much insight you give consumers. I’ve seen so many businesses fail because they’re looking for the most effective strategy to drive new acquisition. Agency turnover is high for a reason. Not every brand is going to rank #1 for everything. The market is just too competitive. What really wins over customers is vulnerability and transparency. If people can physically see the value (or quality) while understanding the experience they’re investing in, intuition takes over. Trust is established when they feel as though they know who’s providing the value and how competent they are. This is overlooked so often it makes me sick! It’s so simple.

Tying it all Together With My Story.

You see, starting a business isn’t a game. You can’t replay the same level once you know what to expect. Your journey isn’t redo-able. Your journey is simply that – it’s only yours. Only you can create and endure the unique path you travel. It’s simply up to you to blaze it and share the experience so others trek with you.

arizona-marketing-strategist-jordan-trask-explains-his-process-at-prefocus-with-some-business-owners-looking-to-improve-their-brand-identitySo many companies falter because they’re afraid to expand on every step. They lose track on why they started and only focus on how they can continue saving face. But, from my perspective, bringing people along for the ride is memorable. Knowing what someone went through to get where they are today creates an impression that lasts. Would you ever hire a contractor with silky smooth hands and an even smoother sales pitch? In my opinion, a working man’s hands speak a thousand words on his experience. Plenty of businesses wonder why consumers don’t buy in – yet they have no calluses.

So many businesses fail before getting started because they feel the need to conform to some sort of imaginary standard. A standard set by nothing but their own assumptions. Those that attempt to recreate something already done end up losing credibility in the long run. It’s OK to be vulnerable and establish a culture that ventures outside of the normalities of content marketing.

My journey is no different. I stepped into a market full of convoluted options and broken promises. I knew I was a nobody looking to overcome the failures of others. I knew I would fail over and over trying to convey my value. But I wanted people to see my hands. I wanted people to see I was committed to my purpose. I want businesses to understand I’m here to help them uncover potential by authentic and original means. I knew eventually this would showcase my competence and value. I knew if I wavered, my credibility would be lost. It hasn’t been easy, but this is my way of bringing you along on my journey.

There isn’t a roadmap to where I’m going. I’ve had to pivot in multiple ways. But, staying true to my vision has allowed to me gain traction in the crucial aspect of the marketing that’s too often overlooked and undervalued. Although my company’s origin story is still in it’s infant stages, this is where my purpose has always lived. It’s a part of my identity and I look forward to helping you establish yours.

What's Your Brand Identity?

I have a passion for helping businesses avoid failure due to complacency and conformity. Every brand is different and every strategy needs a purpose. If you’d like to create cohesion across all channels so your marketing team can execute accordingly, I’d love to see where opportunity lies, together.