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By leveraging purpose and value, I help my clients develop an authentic message surrounding their origin story. In order to convey competence, I guide professionals and businesses through a process that uncovers the "why" "how" and "what" of the brand. From here, I assist in determining their voice in the marketplace so they can speak to specific customers on opportunistic channels. Aside from avoiding wasteful spending, my brand consultation service also focuses on memorable recognition and building trust. The goal is to establish an original presence that's cohesive and scalable. Being purposeful with your unique value makes it a lot easier to drive loyalty.

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If you like the thought of a recognition enhancement, but don’t have time for weekly sessions – avoid our brand consultation form and check out my developmental process! You can even find my free webinar on Youtube. Either way, in today’s world, creating an identity in the marketplace is the key to a great brand. So let’s work together on a starting point and you can let the culture speak for itself:


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More on Jordan's Approach

There are plenty of options when it comes to marketing your brand. Take the time to determine what works best for you and your business. At PreFocus, we’re committed to helping our clients differentiate themselves in order to build brand awareness, qualitatively. In case you’re not quite ready to fill out a brand consultation form, feel free to review some of my content on authenticity and original branding.