The Keys to Maximizing Blog Posts.

Blogging is a great way for businesses, corporations or personal brands to gain exposure by sharing knowledge, information or insight. Not only does quality content enhance domain authority (SEO), but it's a great way to nurture potential customers and develop trust. But the impact doesn't have to stop with on-page copy. You can easily make the most of every post with a sound strategy. Here's how I go about maximizing blog posts:
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A Brief Introduction

Since I launched my business back in 2016, I’ve leaned a lot on originality for content production. After a few years in the agency realm, I realized duplication was not my cup of tea. Every brand has the potential to create genuine topics that speak from their identity. I’ve been told I shouldn’t share these types of things. Companies might figure it out on their own, I’m told. But I could care less. I want you to thrive.

The value I provide is actually more rooted in the development of branding and strategic campaigns. I’m not looking to be hired as your content writer. You’re either maximizing blog posts on the front end or you’re not. In most, cases, I’d be more interested in helping you map something out for the next two years. Having a game plan allows you to direct someone else (that’s cheaper) to implement the vision. 

Why is Blog Writing so Important?

Writing an article is a common form of driving traffic to a website. It’s an easy way to generate engagement and funnel people to landing pages based on interest or behaviors. It’s also a great way expand on information from other pages and resources to solidify credibility. If you’re really good at writing unique blogs, you can even generate leads or extra cash (through on page ads) straight from the page! But if you don’t have a purpose behind your content, it’s going to be very difficult to drive traffic and any kind of results.

In other words, you can waste an awful lot of time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing. We can’t begin to talk about maximizing blog posts if you’re cutting corners, avoiding opportunity or being lazy. Publishing content just to publish content is ignorant. It also can ruin a ton of first impressions. Truth be told, most businesses don’t even know how to measure or even monetize written content.

A Little Insight on Quality Content.

If you hire an external agency to perform – it’s frustrating when they don’t. So why is this so common? It’s because brands are not tapping into their identity and values to generate blog topics that relate to an ideal target audience(s). They’re simply chasing popular topics and high volume search phrases. There’s nothing creative about this. 

In my opinion, my companies would be better off leveraging (or giving bonuses to) an internal staff member to write an article based on their personal knowledge and experience. Some businesses even ask influencers to write for them. No matter the approach, original content always works well. We all just need to do a better job of sharing. So, let me explain how maximizing blog posts increases the return. 

Key 1. Exhaust the Original Spin.

In order to get the best bang for your buck, you need to magnify every ounce of valuable content in each article. Every word, title, link and image carries weight. You’re leaving opportunity on the table when you simply assign a topic, check the copy for errors, add some stock photos and call it a day. It’s 2022 and the online arena is more competitive than ever before. So, for starters, invest in your own pictures and media!

Like I mentioned before, duplication does not move the needle much. If you’re going to source popular topics, do your best to break each point down into its own separate article. Staying in your lane helps you determine the voice you speak in as well as what your “take” actually is – or what your perspective is rooted in. Discussing something new from a fresh (and credible) point of view, you’re already ahead of the game – and you haven’t even started yet!

Stand Up to Stand Out or Get Out of the Game.

I can’t say it enough: Competing with other websites for similar blog topics is an evergreen uphill battle. Even though the idea may be well searched, it doesn’t mean you’ll be found well. Genuine information, great writing and interesting headings alongside original imagery is like music to any reader’s ears. Unless you’re maximizing blog posts this way, you can’t expect any organic leads. It’s not that hard to develop a library of images that meet brand guidelines. Starting with originality enhances SEO while telling a story that’s easy to follow.

Key 2. Find Broad, Significant Topics.

I know I’ve already hammered on this nail quite a bit, but most of you probably don’t know how to go about this. That’s OK! One of the most successful approaches I use for SEO is the spidering out of quality content. For example: If I were a foot specialist, I could talk about general foot pain like everyone else. Or I could plan an original blog series about my favorite shoes that help with foot pain. No matter how many articles there are out there on this topic, myvantage point will always be unique (unless I copy someone else’s).

Within this topic, I could list my favorite dress shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, house slippers and why. In order to maximize reach, I could even create a complimentary blog about my favorite types of sneakers. From here, I can list my favorite basketball shoes, Chuck Taylors, running shoes, casual sneakers, cleats and even workout shoes. If I ran track in college, maybe I talk about spikes. My point is, people would value this type of content because I specialize in feet!

Taking Blog Ideas to a Whole New Level.

If I wanted to convey more insight, I could even go as far as high tops and low tops down the road. I might even talk about different ankle braces or inserts and how they bode with each type of shoe (or impact the arch of the foot). A recommending or opinionated standpoint would work (so do personal or professional voices). If I were interested in maximizing blog posts for this topic, I could have another expert in a related field write a guest post (affiliate marketing) and publish the article with a different keyword and title.

It can be tempting to write a simple summary about painful feet – but a broad topic that’s precise will reach far more people. People like to bookmark valuable perspectives. Instead of trying to outdo competitor ideas, work smarter than them! Look at the bigger picture. Time and effort in most things pays off, right? Once you’ve mapped all of this out, you can begin organizing each article to truly maximize the reach of every single blog post you write. Keyword cramming is limiting and wasteful.

Key 3. Organizing Key Points.

overhead-shot-of-writing-content-online-for-maximizing-blog-content-in-order-to-enhance-brand-reach-and-exposure-for-quality-companies-near-memphis-tennessee-jordan-trask-written-details-for-strategic-planningNow that you have a unique topic with corresponding media, you can start piecing together a social media publication strategy. Promoting authentic content in different online landscapes, with purpose, is the main key of maximizing results. For the most part, every article should have 3 main points; an introduction, body, and closing. Even if you don’t have a list (like this article does), you can still use an outline to gather your thoughts. This is important because it helps you general your social media posts.

In short, every subtopic (of your blog) should be turned into its own social post. The more snippets you promote, the more chances you have to be found. Think of it like posting unique signs around the neighborhood with different messages that point neighbors to the same event. Someone might be intrigued by the games, while someone else is eager to try the food! Either way, it’s all at the event. Describing your articles this way ensures viewers aren’t misled (or confused) by the title. 

Remembering What You’re Setting Out to Accomplish.

The goal should be to attract as many ideal visitors as you can. Posting generic topics with bland social media messaging isn’t very appealing. Maximizing blog posts with quality content all around is not only interesting, but it shows you care. You want people to know what they’re reading, enjoy it, and know there’s not going to be an “ask” (or pop-up) at the end. Many businesses lazily publish 3-4 basic social media posts for every blog then wonder why social media marketing isn’t working. But the message itself isn’t the only factor.

Unless you understand your ideal targets use and behaviors, it’s going to tough to reach them. Certain people browse the net at certains times of day. If they’re not online in the morning, why are you putting a sign up then? Wait until they’re active and looking! Moreover, you can’t be fooled by general interactions. If posts are driving leads, they are not effective. Likes mean nothing – especially if they’re from friends, family or employees. Being purposeful with your timing is so important.

Strategically Managing Blog Article Links.

When publishing content on social, I also recommend using a CMS. I personally like Hubspot, but platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite or Coschedule work as well. Most people will not be interested in the initial blog overview. This is why I even suggest changing up the title to see how it performs. Either way, breaking down points and telling a story throughout the month helps you speak louder. Purpose improves organic SEO traffic tremendously. Remember, this isn’t a sales pitch – you’re simply trying to nurture and encourage people to check you out.

The final chess piece of maximizing blog posts is the photography you took. Make sure you’re using the images that are most relevant to the message you’re posting. Remember, the quality of your presentation gives you an opportunity to attract someone that may have skimmed past previous posts. When the consistency is on point, followers will increase. 

big bucket cowboy hat boss tan suit black and white photography near memphis tennessee by prefocus solutions for writing an about page strategy positioning people of the business meet the team presentation
black and white original product imagery on model on location midsouth ms cattle ranch with long road agriculture creative director jordan trask of prefocus clothing line
black and white headshot image of bearded man in suit facing to the right prefocus solutions logo down tunnel purposed to update website images for real estate entrepreneur near memphis tennessee to enhance conversion rates page views and improve seo rankings
final portrait of original hvac marketing efforts by jordan trask of prefocus solutions where shot list was used to highlight corporate departments for about page media near memphis tn
carpet cleaning professional company owner standing in front of branded work van outside residential location with videographer for authentic interview on the job now serving memphis tennessee
personal training professional grabbing toes looking off while photography camera captures facial expression during shoot gym equipment in background memphis tn
memphis physical therapist photographer out of olive branch where patient is getting should evaluated on table at facility well lit experienced staff new location prefocus media
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The Conceptualization of Maximizing Blog Topics.

Using keywords and hashtags is also something you can incorporate – but I think you get the drift. If someone else claims to be maximizing your blog posts, then jot this down see if they line up. There’s no reason you should be writing an article for your website, posting it social media and waiting for the traffic to come to you anymore. Blogging is one of those things that can be extremely counterproductive and deterring if you’re not careful. Sometimes, a little consultation is all you need. My first one is free (BTW).  

Hashing ideas and concepts out is what fills me. So be purposeful with your content marketing and look to make a difference with differentiation. Avoid competing with those that invest in shortcuts and commit to helping others and it’ll definitely help your business!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Producing content can be an overwhelming process. It just so happens that developing original branding and messaging is something I’m passionate about. If you’d like some advice on where to start or need help formulating the best strategy for your brand – let me know.