When you understand who you are and the descriptive phrases that define your business, you really begin to develop brand clarity. You start to realize how you should be marketing. What you should be saying – and how you should be saying it. Most importantly, developing an identity helps you understand WHO will value your message the most.

Why is it so Important to Clarify Branding?

Promoting brand clarity not only strengthens your voice but it helps you define your customers. But this doesn’t involve labeling and assumptions. I’m referring to a thorough understanding that evolves as they do. When you know who will buy into your unique value, it’s a lot easier to figure out where your message will be received best (or what marketing channel makes the most sense).

Many businesses are afraid that doing this will pigeon hole the brand and limit their reach. But they don’t realize that mimicking others or conforming to industry standards simply places them into a bucket of options. They’re not actually doing anything to be remembered when it matters the most. Does your brand voice speak to an ideal target audience at every phase of their unique buying cycle?

Can you imagine how much more effective your marketing would be if this was solidified on the front end?

Brand Clarity Evokes a Quality First Impression.

What I can’t seem to wrap my head around is the simple fact businesses are afraid to BE themselves. They’re afraid of being vulnerable. That people (or customers) won’t accept them. That they won’t like them. Like potential customers are just a number. Just a demographic. That they’re all the same. That they have the same thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and emotions. But, they’re not all the same.. and neither is your business.

Consumers Trust Who They Can Identify With.

People are looking for something to believe in. Something to get behind. They want to buy into brands that that take the time to understand who they are. That know their why. That communicate their how. That know their purpose and understand their value. They want to support brands that are willing to strong arm their position in the marketplace with confidence and certainty.

Don’t be basic and you won’t be viewed that way. Strive to be recognizable, harness your identity and your customers will embrace your brand clarity.

Need to Improve Brand Clarity?

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