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Grab attention from the sky.

Discuss Your Direction

in order to communicate quality.

Brand Development

I walk you though an extensive discovery process that pinpoints the root of your identity, promises and value so we can execute a brand message.

Strategic Consulting

Hourly sessions or a monthly retainer for feedback, to discuss strategic ideation, analyze opportunities, map campaigns or hire the right people.

Original Imagery

Book studio time, the venue, or an on-location photo shoot for intentional imagery that highlights the personality of your brand, event or promo.

Video Content

With brand authenticity in mind, we create stories, content, conduct interviews, capture aerial views, shoot video ads, showcase products +more!

Schedule a Free PreFocus Consultation

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sparks and glowing flame of welding process in fireproof shirt by creative director near memphis tn looking to capture different blue collar workers for american made clothing line product strategy

Breaking down the services of




Original video and imagery content for brands in Memphis + surrounding areas.



Learn how to harness the identity and actual value of your business to create a brand.



Build purposeful campaigns that speak to your ideal audiences with rhyme + reason.

jordan trask seated in office with finger up as if has an idea for marketing strategy for companies that generate high returns and focus on opportunistic channels that make sense throughout the county based on target audience behaviors, software, contractors and prefocus concepts


Create a complete game plan that focuses on opportunity and maximizes your return.

 owner of prefocus solutions standing in front of audience of over 60 business owners at venue with stage in glendale arizona to help them develop a presence in the marketplace with simple tactics that drive recognition, trust and loyalty for any type of company across the united states of america


Hire me for public events or private sessions on authenticity and creative strategy.

jordan trask owner of prefocus solutions in northern mississippi looking directly ay camera from home studio talking about the importance of passion and purpose behind a brand and its marketing efforts to establish trust and loyalty based on competence and value


Determine what you’re best suited for and how you can turn it into a branded business.


There’s a brand identity crisis in the world and marketing has turned into a sale. It’s time to get back to focusing on your ideation, passion, personality and competence! Doing so gives you clarity on your ideal audiences so you can formulate a sound strategy. While some may label this a psychology session – it’s still not that simple.

You see, marketing efficiency [ and your returns ] also rely heavily on the systems, processes and teams you have in place. One missing or kinked link in the chain can and will weaken the sum of all your parts – no matter how good it may sound. When you’re critical, stick to your roots and provide a seamless [memorable] experience, customer appreciation occurs.

In turn, they come back and tell their friends. At PreFocus Solutions, I offer strategic consultation, creative direction and brand development coaching – as well as local photo and video services. We are located just southeast of  Memphis, Tennessee in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

experienced medical provider during personal care photo session with prefocus solutions near downtown memphis tn at patient's home for website content strategy with jordan trask authentic moments and first impressions
afterhours closed down physical therapy practice black and white branding fx for website and social media content by jordan trask prefocus solutions olive branch mississippi
close up entrepreneur profile pictures for marketing and branding purposes business card design memphis tennessee creative director jordan trask of prefocus solutions
professional about page photographer desoto county mississippi for businesses of all shapes and sizes agriculture marketing strategist jordan trask studio availability

Who Have I Worked With?

[aside from the companies that require an NDA]
building remodeling professional contractor hired prefocus solutions for brand strategy on content website for educational purposes and to spread awareness of offering in memphis tennessee area
local online fitness trainer and meal planner in glendale az consulted by prefocus solutions for about video content and brand identity direction for future gym successful strategy logo
premier luxury real estate professionals sought the help of jordan trask at prefocus solutions to create brand image for their consulting company in tempe az
vacation resolve agency contract litigation brand strategy client logo for prefocus solutions in scottsdale arizona
marketing company leans on prefocus solutions to help develop content strategies and brand books with image identities for clients
wrenches in the middle of mechanical logo for automotive fixing shop branding consultation by prefocus solutions in glendale az
pt specialist in southwest hired prefocus solutions for business and brand development strategies with logo development identity process in person
local coffee company in desert mountains with breakfast and desserts branding help from prefocus solutions plus quality content strategy logo
certified personal accountant branding strategy logo by prefocus solutions in memphis tennessee
heating cooling and plumbing company branding consultant in memphis tennessee for canyon state small business strategy by prefocus solutions
logo of branding consultation client for local seo prefocus solutions optical lux lens prescription style scottsdale az
heating cooling and plumbing company branding consultant in memphis tennessee for canyon state small business strategy by prefocus solutions
indoor gym and fitness center brand strategy help with prefocus solutions to develop creative direction and content strategy client
vegetable produce and dairy vineyard in traverse city branding strategy with content development by prefocus solutions in memphis tn
photographer-logo-design-for-content-development-partnerships-in-olive branch-mississippi
pt specialist in southwest hired prefocus solutions for business and brand development strategies with logo development identity process in person
wrenches in the middle of mechanical logo for automotive fixing shop branding consultation by prefocus solutions in glendale az

Quality Marketing is Cohesive

We enhance all verticals at PreFocus Solutions.


Save time and money by solidifying your business.

Blog SEO

Increase readership and improve on-site conversions.

Paid Ads

Save money with messaging focused on user intent.

Social Media

Create engagement that attracts more interaction.


Improve ROI by focusing on opportunist channels.

Video Content

Produce media that enhances your brand value.


Develop a first impression that drives sales.


Capture original photos that initiate trust.

I Love Talking About Everything

that has to do with a qualitative long game.

Current Client Testimonials

Helping clients discover their identity and position themselves is what fuels me.

“I’ve been working with Jordan for about 6 months while planning to re-brand my business towards a specific audience. He has done everything from marketing research and analysis to design and seo. I didn’t understand any of it until he made sure I was learning as we went along. This makes me a stronger business owner and I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Denisa Barbur

President, Arizona Senior Options

“Jordan has a natural talent for creating the wow factor. In the beginning I wasn’t sure about video marketing and helping my “brand within a brand” stand out. After spending a few hours with me, Jordan created several outstanding videos that helped me stand out among my peers and produced results I could not have achieved on my own. I am excited to continue working with Jordan and PreFocus in the years to come!”

Mark Hansen

Distributor, Advocare

“Awesome work! Very detailed and takes everything very serious, easy to talk to and works with you at all time! When I first saw the work he did I was amazed because he was able to help me bring my vision of photography and video for my product to action! Jordan is your man for everything from consultation to in the field photography and social media posting!”

Cristian Romero

Founder, PulseBandz

“Jordan knows his stuff.”

Chuck F. Crouthamel III

Owner, Equity Remodeling, LLC

“Jordan at Prefocus is amazing.. He took the time to overlook my website and provided amazing content and customer service. I’ve seen improved site traffic ever since he optimized my site. Once again amazing work. Thank you!!”

Ed Lopez

Owner, Big3z Productions

Who's a Part of PreFocus?

Creating a Vision and Identity for Your Business
Jordan Trask

Jordan Trask

President and Founder

After developing a passion for my customers as a business manager, I returned to the advertising realm in 2013. Since, I’ve been employed in media buying, SEO, content management, business strategy and brand development. I’ve studied the elements of consumer behavior and how marketing taps into their emotions and intuition. I developed PreFocus due to my passion for helping businesses invest their dollars in avenues that make sense. This begins with helping them develop their PreFocus.

Danielle Trask

Danielle Trask


I launched my family photography business in the fall of 2013 and haven’t looked back. Although I’ve become quite fond of capturing newborns in our studio and watching families grow – I’ve been intentional with growing as a photographer. Since my husband launched PreFocus in 2017, it’s been a blessing to be able to work together and aid in the creative direction. I’m passionate about capturing perspective and helping our clients stand out in the marketplace.


the following convoluted markets that benefit from differentiation.

Small Businesses

Rediscover your origin and focus on your culture and vision.

Personal Brands

Let’s strategize around your unique value and competencies.

Start Ups

Before generating awareness, let’s build an identity.

Need Expert Website Development?

Bluesoft Websites is an ROI-driven web design and internet marketing company that specializes in generating high-converting leads for genuine, value centered companies. 

“My wife and I have a vision of a storefront in the growing community of Olive branch, Mississippi that caters to small businesses, professionals, and developing brands. We value family and are committed to creating a culture encompassing this. It’s our dream to establish a welcoming environment for brands to garner advice, formulate strategies, capture media, and promote their vision south of Memphis, TN.”       – Jordan Trask

“I won’t always be able to help you achieve all of your immediate goals. I don’t believe in chasing revenue and take pride in advising businesses on what benefits them most. The relationships I’ve built allow me to find the best solution for you – at no cost.”

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My Brand Consulting Benefits

Learn more about my commitment to helping you gain traction.

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What to do Before Marketing

Determining the steps prior to a marketing investment.

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Low Capital Marketing Tips

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