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PreFocus This Time Around

What does this mean? All you have to do is ask! No obligations or gimmicks.
jordan trask owner of prefocus solutions in northern mississippi looking directly ay camera from home studio talking about the importance of passion and purpose behind a brand and its marketing efforts to establish trust and loyalty based on competence and value


Determine what you’re best suited for and how you can turn it into a branded business.



Learn how to harness the identity and actual value of your business to create a brand.



Build purposeful campaigns that speak to your ideal audiences with rhyme + reason.

jordan trask seated in office with finger up as if has an idea for marketing strategy for companies that generate high returns and focus on opportunistic channels that make sense throughout the county based on target audience behaviors, software, contractors and prefocus concepts


Create a complete game plan that focuses on opportunity and maximizes your return.

 owner of prefocus solutions standing in front of audience of over 60 business owners at venue with stage in glendale arizona to help them develop a presence in the marketplace with simple tactics that drive recognition, trust and loyalty for any type of company across the united states of america


Hire me for public events or private sessions to discuss authenticity and strategic thinking.



Original video and imagery content for brands in Memphis + surrounding areas. 

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Looking for Quality Website Development?

Bluesoft Websites is an ROI-driven web design and internet marketing company that specializes in generating high-converting leads for genuine, value driven companies. I’ve been working with Nathaniel for nearly 5 years now and nobody in the industry will deliver better. 

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“I won’t always be able to help you achieve all of your immediate goals. I don’t believe in chasing revenue and take pride in advising businesses on what benefits them most. The relationships I’ve built allow me to find the best solution for you – at no cost.”

Thank you for visiting my page and best in success nonetheless!

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My Brand Consulting Benefits

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apple computer mouse on top of $20 bills at desk of strategic marketing champion prefocus solutions looking to help companies plan things out and improve their bottom line and budgeting capabilities.

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