The Importance of Branded Loyalty with Jack Heald

After collaborating on a few projects and discussions, we wanted to expand on our viewpoint through video content. Establishing our credibility after venturing off from traditional forms of branding has been rough - but it hasn't detoured our passion for helping small businesses and corporations return their focus to the power of originality. Mainly, we wanted to expand on the importance of brand loyalty and how everything a company does should surround this need.

Our Branded Focus

Here are brief introductions for Jordan Trask and Jack Heald. We discuss what has gotten us to this point. Moreover, we talk about the current state of “branding” and how frustrating the current focus is.

Poor Loyalty Example

After the initial overview, we go into more detail with a brand example that’s avoiding generating loyalty by promoting irrelevant content on their about page. How this hurts their return revenue and lowers intrigue.

Interested in Watching More?

Now that you’ve gotten a little insight on the importance of brand loyalty, tune into the next episode that touches on the traditional definitions of brand development and why it’s so important to establish an identity.


Importance of Brand Loyalty Consultation

Developing loyalty should be approached differently for every business. There’s no way that 2 brands have the same origin story and provided value. Allow us to advise you on a few ways you can enhance your presentation to garner a satisfactory following that drives revenue and brand awareness. Connect emotionally with your customers by harnessing the importance of brand loyalty.