Script Writing and Production

With experience in over 20 industries ranging from medical to nonprofit, we've had our fair share of success. Taking things a step further has allowed us to establish ourselves in the mediascape of production. No matter if you're investing in writing, design, photography, or video - it's important to solidify your objectives while ensuring you're promoting a clear message.


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Solidify Your Message

Writing a script for video production is the same as telling a story. Once we’ve established the purpose, we can begin molding the message in a way that engages your audience in a way they deem fit.


Shot Settings

Setting the scene(s) is an important step in the production process. Understanding your surroundings while utilizing props, people, backdrops, products, and proper angles can make a big difference.

Actions and Behaviors

Although your purpose is important, the way actors relay the message is imperative. In order to enhance your message, we incorporate proper body language, posture, and nonverbals.

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Pricing for Script Writing Production

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Script Writing Experience

I started writing purposeful video scripts for clients in 2013. At the same time, partnering with a photography and videography company has given me an advantage by having insight on the development process. You can find some of our strategic video scripts on Youtube channels for the following companies: Mountainside Fitness, Fit Republic, MD24 House Call, or Macayos.