What Is a Content Strategist?

A purposeful content strategy focuses on areas in the market that offer opportunity. By analyzing your competition, a content strategist identifies your brand's opportune placement and finds ways to overcome your competitor's successes. From there, they determine where to publish your content in order to drive intentful traffic with higher conversion probabilities.
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What Exactly is a Content Strategist?

Writing blogs, creating videos, and developing ads are all essential to your business. In fact, there isn’t much else out there that consistently drives traffic to your website. The purpose behind a content strategy is to essentially tell a story that provides a valuable solution to your following. Without a purpose, your blog or social media post will continue to be used for it’s information – and not your services.

Developing a content strategy is something that takes time. Although organic approaches don’t reap immediate success, they lay the foundation for your online presence. A lot of business-owners or marketers don’t have the time to spend on an effective strategy. Most agencies mimic the success of similar brands in hopes it duplicates results for their client. This will not work.

Investing in a content strategist allows you to relay the message you want to convey while identifying your ideal audience. Avoid agency checklists – as there is no definitive approach – and stop wasting time sharing content on platforms that could care less about your offering. Focus on the value you provide, and generate your strategy.

What the Process of a Content Strategy Looks like.

In order to conceptualize the events leading up to post management, it's important to understand what goes into a content strategy..

Discovery Process

Identify what success looks like to you.


Research Competition

Set yourself apart with a strategy.

Get Creative

Engage your audience with intrigue.

Content Scheduling

Publish your content on ideal platforms.

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