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I understand that every brand is different. I help our clients harness their identity and establish a purpose so they can stand out while saving money. If you’d like more information sent to your email, feel free to fill out a needs analysis below.


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Don’t worry about being placed in a sales funnel that spams you. I take the time to understand your brand and where your opportunity is. Whether you decide to invest in a PreFocus or not, I take pride in helping you find the best solution that suits your short and long term goals as a business.

Address: Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654.

Phone: 1.623.282.2243

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how-to-express-your-brand-and-create-a-visual-identity-with-prefocus-solutions-and-our-logo-designing-servicesReasons why investing in a “marketer” can be difficult.

Marketing Budgets

Monthly retainers and guarantees can be misleading – But, we don’t require an immense budget.

Agency Relationships

Some agencies are only focused on deliverables and ROI in order to service a number of clients.

Industry Skepticism.

Bad experiences can alter a perception. To me, the marketing industry tends to lack purpose at times.