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Join our newest form of content promotion by learning from the approach of president and founder, Jordan Trask. Here, we will discuss an array of topics that mostly surround purposeful imagery, resonating content, and brand development. Feel free to subscribe to the PreFocus podcast and share what inspires you!

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Putting Others 1st with Kelsey

In this recording, Kelsey and I discuss the power of putting others first and the corresponding fulfillment.

Downfall of Originality Ep 1

Jordan discusses the lack of originality today and how landscapers & pool service companies can stand out.

Downfall of Originality Episode 2

How an untapped industry hinders perception while a personal brand develops.

Understanding Content Duplication

Tune into why I believe marketers duplicate content and how it actually hinders brand prosperity.

5 Keys to Successful Branding

Listen to Jordan’s top 5 tips to developing a brand successfully and why they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Communicating Brand Promises

Determine what you can guarantee customers when they invest in you and position it accordingly.

Establishing Brand Foundation

Join Jordan as he expands on his process for establishing the foundation of a brand and it’s promise.

Developing a Brand Persona

Understand how to formulate an effective branded persona that relates to your target audience.

Branding Before Marketing

Examples from some of the biggest influencers and the PreFocus podcast reasoning behind branding first.

Are You Marketing Effectively?

Market your brand the way your audience wants to be marketed to instead of chasing likes or sales.

More About Jordan Trask

Listen to the reasoning behind the development of PreFocus and why Jordan launched his company.

The PreFocus Podcast Recording Library

Listen to the entire series on one page and follow along as we grow!

About PreFocus President, Jordan Trask

by Jordan Trask | About PreFocus

My 5 Keys to Successful Branding

by Jordan Trask | Brand Development

My Foundational Process for Establishing a Brand.

by Jordan Trask | Brand Development

Why Isn't My "Marketing" Going Anywhere?

by Jordan Trask | Brand Development

Discussing the Development of a Branded Persona

by Jordan Trask | Brand Development

Influencer Insight on Branding Before Marketing.

by Jordan Trask | Brand Development

How to Communicate a Branded Promise Accordingly

by Jordan Trask | PreFocus Podcast

Putting Others First & Feeling the Reward

by Jordan Trask ft. Kelsey Tainsh | PreFocus Podcast

Understanding Duplicate Content x3

by Jordan Trask | PreFocus Podcast

Addressing the Downfall of Originality Episode 1

by Jordan Trask | PreFocus Podcast

Addressing the Downfall of Originality Episode 2

by Jordan Trask | PreFocus Podcast

The Brand Identity Video Podcast

Join Jordan Trask and Jack Heald on the visual version of the PreFocus Podcast. In this episode, they define of branding and discuss brand identification.