Positioning Purpose, Passion and Perseverance with a PreFocus.

Have you ever ran with an idea but failed to reach fulfillment? Are you tired of being an employee but don't believe you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? There are plenty of ways to fail, but they all stem from your lack of passion and purpose. If you're considering taking a leap of faith or are struggling to stay afloat after your leap - this live video dialogue is for you! In order to find satisfaction in life, you must allocate your purpose. But, if it doesn't include passion, then you'll never be able to deliver on a promise. In other words, you can't promise squat without being passionate about your purpose. Brady Vilhauer has been studying why stories for a while now and I was excited to chat with him about branding and positioning purpose. It's so much easier to persevere at life when you're focused on the unique value you bring to the marketplace. Listen in..

Looking for a Brand Champion?

I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into developing a process that magnifies my client’s brand identity. Solidifying the aura and voice of your business allows us to formulate a purposeful marketing plan that speaks to your ideal customers consistently. Cohesion across all channels enhances brand recognition and drives loyalty. I also help my clients establish a culture and determine who fits it best. So, let’s get to work!