Painting + Free Hand Drawing Services.

Although I offer a number of business solutions at PreFocus, I still have a passion for uninterrupted creativity. So, if you're looking for some custom artwork in the Memphis area, I'm your guy!
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Pencil Sketching

I provide hand drawn sketching services that can be scaled for any type of image.

Painting Services

From canvas art or a wood design that’s painted, I’ve got you covered! No nudes!

Colored Pastel

You can always add vibrance to a sketch by requesting colored pencils or pastels.


Cross Hatch & Stippling

Lines & dots are unique shading techniques that add perspective & edge to artwork.

Creative Retail Artist for Hire.

Pencil sketching and painting has been a hobby of mine since I was young. My grandmother taught me a lot about it and I was always facinated with creation. Even with 6 kids now, I still enjoy spending my free time with a pencil or paint brush in my hand. Whether you have a vision for your home or business, I’d love to bring it to life! I haven’t created many original pieces of art to sell in Memphis, but I’ve taken on a number of free hand drawing projects – a few of which are below. Let me know if you have any questions! 

9×4′ VBS Canvas Painting

Mural was donated to a local church for VBS.

30″ Custom Woodwork Painting

Make Request or Purchase for $199

12×12″ Framed Creative Artwork

Make Request or Purchase for $145

More About My Custom Artwork:

Most everything I do starts off with a pencil sketch. Until you’re confident in my vision, there’s no need to add details and color. Good communication is key.  With almost 2 decades of scholastic arts and design experience, I’m well-equipped to create a unique and satisfactory piece of art for your personal need.

My custom drawing services may be a side hobby now, but it’s always something I can fall back on. Originality is a passion of mine and it’s echoed in the way I develop brands and even capture imagery.  So let me know if a free discovery session will interest you.

Request Paint or Sketching Services

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Additional Artistic Projects and Contracted Artwork

creative wooden wall art of trim pieces stained to look like mountains and different shapes of lumber cut to paint picture of crescent moonlit night sky stacked for effect and white trim with mahogany and oak finish sitting on dining room table by coarse grain near memphis

I was hired in 2017 to create custom t shirt designs at the annual librarian conference at the Convention Center.

overhead photo of lion themed artwork design by jordan trask for kids room wood work jig saw and acrylic paints with minor shading details for home display memphis tennessee services

Free Hand Sketching Portfolio

Below is some of the featured artwork from my public collection. In 2004, I received the Senior Art Medallion as well as several other Silver Keys throughout high school. I've been immersed in strategic marketing for almost a decade and am now revitalizing my passion for art and sketching. If you'd like to see some more of my work, shoot me a line. I also hand draw all of my client's logo designs. If you're looking to do something different for social media or your website, consider a sketch artist for hire! Promoting differentiation is never a bad idea!

Schedule a Call with Jordan Trask

A professional sketch artist for hire may not be your thing. I’d love to help you with other creative initiatives if you’d like to schedule a call.