Custom Logo Designer in Memphis, TN

When it comes to branding your company, starting with your logo is not the first step. Understanding who your brand is and who you serve plays a big role in the developmental process. When creating your custom logo design, I consider a plethora of elements that help us build a quality logo that makes sense to you and your customers.
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Convey an Original Message

Your logo design can be the first thing that potential customers see. A quality first impression is important. We create presentations that make sense to your ideal customers.

Keep it Simple, Silly.

A complex logo may seem intriguing but you want to ensure your design is presentable. A custom logo design that’s busy (detailed) is hard to decipher or understand as a small icon.

A Unique Design is Key

Many companies invest in basic logos that mimic others. I take pride in differentiating your custom logo design so you’re remembered and viewed as valuable.

Request a Logo Discovery Call


My Custom Logo Development Process

Step 1: Getting to Know you.
Schedule a discovery call to learn about your brand and everything behind it. Ownership, values, customers, and features.
Step 2: Icon Selection
Our process begins with submitting 10 relevant icons for you to sift through. We remove the images that you dislike and refill the remaining spots up to 5 times. Our objective here is to identify a symbol that represents your brand best – no excuses.
Step 3: Typography Determination
Selecting the right typography is a lot harder than most people think. The way font is presented can make a big difference in the way potential customers read into your brand. Determine the voice you want to convey and I’ll allocate the best typography.
Step 4: Revising Your Logo
After we’ve completed the initial steps, you’ll receive 3 variations of drawn designs. Once we’ve selected a favorite, we begin to design your logo based on your preferred color scheme – or per suggestion.
Step 5: Deliver Finished Logo
The completed logo consists of a single icon and type (horizontal and vertical), as well as sizings for social media channels. I also provide clients with icon displays that you can view in the next section.

Hand Drawn & Vector Logo Designs

Here are some additional custom logo designs that I've sketched and uploaded into Illustrator.
detailed logo designer for data expert with numbers and graphs functions for creative display first impression consultant prefocus solutions memphis tn
reverse osmosis silhouette for branding icon custom creation circle design by prefocus solutions in memphis tn

Arizona Media Logo

This logo is a great example of how I hand draw logos before finalizing the design. This was for a film company.

custom cleaning company logo design for sterilization by prefocus solutions in memphis tennessee teel and blue colors on white background

Evolution Cleaning

This germ-like design centers the company’s mark in specific colors with an ability to write out the company name.


Colorful Mascara Cosmetics

I initially drew a “pretty eye” that wasn’t creepy for a cosmetic company. I added the shadow to convey eye shadowing.


Danielle Jacqueline Photography

This isn’t your ordinary photography logo of a camera. If you look closely, you can see the “DJP” included in the design.

See Where a Brand Identity Can Take You.

after designing logo prefocus works with brands to establish cohesive brand identity look and feel messaging and experience for business cohesion across all channels

Aside from a custom logo design, it’s important to develop an aura or experience. Taking the time to establish an identity and brand personality helps direct all future marketing efforts. We actually put together a brand book and style guide for you. If this interests you, let me know!

Creative Logo Enhancements

Minor Revisions Improve Customer Perception.

Example of a Custom Logo Design Revision

Creating a logo doesn’t have be a complex process. But, every element of the design needs to be cohesive and make sense. In this example, you can see that there isn’t much purpose to the initial brand creation. It’s almost as if the company icon was forced into a typography party. The text also has no personality and doesn’t create appeal.

Since the local company is in the medical industry, the brand needed to be perceived as trustworthy and professional. The Phoenix bird isn’t necessarily relevant to the brand. There’s no need to overwhelm the design with it. The logo also has contrasting red on black coloration.

How I Revised the Logo to Showcase Value & Appeal

I started by softening the black background so it wasn’t so hard on the eyes. I then changed the font and enhanced “RISE” so it was the central focus of the logo. In order to draw the attention to the brand, I used the bird icon as a complimentary piece. I also rotated the bird so it was actually rising upward. By matching the color of the bird with the description, I was able to help the company name stand out even more. As you can see, the new logo is in italics and looks as though it is taking off. The icon is actually initiating the lift off. The last step was creating color variations for my client to choose from.

Creating a Custom Style Sheet for Your Logo

When designing a company logo, it’s important that we consider all design variations for social media branding and print media. Typography isn’t always clear on every channel. You have to consider the fact that most potential customers are viewing your business from their mobile device. Instagram is a great example. Conveying cohesion on all of these platforms is important. This is why I also offer branded icon formats in my custom logo packages.