About PreFocus Solutions

In recent years, traditional branding has been clouded by duplicate content marketing, reach tactics and sales funnels. I launched PreFocus in order to bring authenticity, quality and originality back to the forefront. We help our clients maximize their budget by capturing their true identity so they can position their value with a unique strategy that speaks to ideal consumers.

cool angle of photo and video session with prefocus solutions near memphis for original hvac marketing strategy for website and online promotions


Former content strategist that is passionate about helping brands stand out uniquely.


Solidify your identity and value so you can be more effective, creative and purposeful.


Today’s customer wants to see, know & believe in the companies they buy from.

About PreFocus Solutions' Family Origin

Family values matter. Businesses, personal brands and corporations ought to be able to trust those they work with. That's why when you invest in a PreFocus, you'll receive a genuine extension of you. I want to be a part of your culture by helping you identify and communicate the gifts you've've been given.
Jordan Trask

Jordan Trask

President & Founder

An Indianapolis native that studied communications and digital media while playing coolege football at Ball State University from 2004-2008. Jordan is passionate about quality, consistency and trust. His family takes up most of his leisure time – but when free, he enjoys fishing, working out, writing, making art and working with wood. He’s managed over 70 employees at once and has been immersed in business development, marketing strategy and creative direction more than fifteen years.

Danielle Trask

Danielle Trask


An Arizona native that joined her husband to Phoenix in 2011 and Memphis in 2021. She spent most of her professional career in retail management and as a leasing consultant. After her 3rd child she gave up the corporate 9-5 to be able to stay at home and work on the family legacy. With a little PreFocus back in 2013, Danielle was able to fulfill her dream of working from home as a photographer. Her growth and expertise has been of great value to local PreFocus clients.

More About My Origin Story

Insight on the experience of President, Jordan Trask.
prefocus branding photoshoot outside of canyon state ac in memphis tennessee with bluesoft websites for design project

In college, I studied communications with a focus on digital media and the art of persuasion. I was bothered by the unethical approach of online advertising and click-bait tactics. I wrote a research paper on how this hinders brand perception and trust while altering credibility. I began working on small projects for local brands and built my first website in 2009.

president-of-about-prefocus-jordan-trask-company-headshot-in-west-phoenix-for-pulsebandz-brand-ambassadorMy dad was a contractor and I grew up working in the field. When I graduated in 2008, the economy was sketchy so I followed my pops to Arizona to continue working in the construction trade. This is when I met my future wife and her 2 daughters and began immersing myself in creative writing and freelance marketing. I began my professional career as a hungry salesman and worked my way into management by 2011. Here, I developed a passion for sustaining relationships and driving loyalty. After 3 years and 6 promotions, I became frustrated with corporate America and the idea of chasing revenue.

I ended up ditching the high paying salary for a creative role in display advertising. Since 2012, I’ve been employed as an SEO strategist, content manager, and marketing coordinator while invested as co-owner of Danielle Jacqueline Photography and Bluesoft Websites.

It’s been over a decade since I began exploring the advertising and marketing industries, I’m passionate about strategically assisting brands by uncovering their purpose and unique value. My detailed understanding of original measures helps my clients enhance their brand image in order to improve customer loyalty. I’m focused on eventually launching a business center and studio in South Memphis that embodies this. After enduring careers that lack a culture or direction, I’m dedicated to the pursuit of brand clarity and authenticity with a PreFocus.

PreFocus Solutions Can Help Your Brand If..

  • You’re unhappy with results from your current marketing agency.
  • You don’t have the budget to hire an internal marketing team.
  • You’re looking for a strategic consultant or to contract a professional.
  • You need an outside perspective on the positioning of your brand.
  • You’re tired of spending thousands of dollars every month.
  • You want to spend more time developing your business.
  • You’re a start up company seeking a quick return.
  • You need to recompose your digital presence.
About PreFocus' Mission

It’s our mission to enhance brand clarity by developing a presentation that relays an authentic identity with audience understanding in mind. PreFocus also serves by educating business owners and professionals on the direct correlation of authenticity and consumer trust. By addressing the way brands are perceived, we’re confident in our ability to bridge the gap between brand development and the execution of a marketing strategy.

By nudging underperforming companies to reevaluate their presentation, we also believe we can alter the perceived experience of previous agency relationships. It’s my goal to help brands truly understand their past performance before they invest in another marketing company.

Our start up mission encompasses a heightened awareness surrounding brand development, consumer acceptance, and loyalty. Helping our clients build their brand accordingly allows them to make the most of their marketing spend while experiencing satisfactory conversion rates.

The Purpose Behind the Launch.

When entrepreneurs begin structuring their business, they tend to overlook the developmental aspect of relaying their message accurately.  Once they establish their brand, they immediately begin looking for a marketer to push their service or product. But I’m tired of reading greedy, misleading advertising.

Most marketer’s initiatives normally include a retainer for a certain number of promotions. They’re not necessarily concerned with improving the way a brand is perceived – as long as they can relay “success”, they know they’ll continue collecting monthly payments. The business owner typically doesn’t know any better and the marketer could care less about external factors. This ruins the industry.

At the end of the day, I saw a void that needed to be filled. An affordable service that educates business owners while helping them enhance their recognition and credibility through quality presentation is definitely needed. By working with clients to address glaring opportunities, we improve their marketability so they can sustain and grow! Most importantly, they save a lot of money!

Companies I've Worked With.

Whether it be branding, content development, or photography, I've executed for:


custom drawn logo design creator jordan trask for take back corporate america design website branding specialist memphis tennessee prefocus
local coffee company in desert mountains with breakfast and desserts branding help from prefocus solutions plus quality content strategy logo
indoor gym and fitness center brand strategy help with prefocus solutions to develop creative direction and content strategy client
vegetable produce and dairy vineyard in traverse city branding strategy with content development by prefocus solutions in memphis tn
heating cooling and plumbing company branding consultant in memphis tennessee for canyon state small business strategy by prefocus solutions
unique logo design for social media icons and other marketing content by local strategy company prefocus solutions near memphis tennessee black and white vector copy
premier luxury real estate professionals sought the help of jordan trask at prefocus solutions to create brand image for their consulting company in tempe az
heating cooling and plumbing company branding consultant in memphis tennessee for canyon state small business strategy by prefocus solutions
simplified logo black and white for landscaping company branding expert jordan trask of prefocus solutions in desoto county mississippi
heating cooling and plumbing company branding consultant in memphis tennessee for canyon state small business strategy by prefocus solutions
logo of branding consultation client for local seo prefocus solutions optical lux lens prescription style scottsdale az
local online fitness trainer and meal planner in glendale az consulted by prefocus solutions for about video content and brand identity direction for future gym successful strategy logo
pt specialist in southwest hired prefocus solutions for business and brand development strategies with logo development identity process in person
pt specialist in southwest hired prefocus solutions for business and brand development strategies with logo development identity process in person
locally owned martial arts studio logo rendered for prefocus solutions client list where video services in desoto county mississippi were offered to longstanding business by jordan trask creative director
marketing company leans on prefocus solutions to help develop content strategies and brand books with image identities for clients
vacation resolve agency contract litigation brand strategy client logo for prefocus solutions in scottsdale arizona
certified personal accountant branding strategy logo by prefocus solutions in memphis tennessee
wrenches in the middle of mechanical logo for automotive fixing shop branding consultation by prefocus solutions in glendale az

Would you like to view examples of our production projects?

Our production team has executed a handful of fully-produced documentaries in addition to numerous projects across the state of Arizona. Feel free to request more information on some of our past work.