Market Analysis Services

Understanding your market is the first step in improving a marketing strategy. If you’re unable to identify what your customers look like, where they’re hanging out, and what they value – then you cannot scale and anticipate sustainability.

Competitive Intelligence

Get to know your competition & where you fit.

Market Research Analyst

Find the best niche for you and your business.

Persona Development

Define your audience & keep them engaged.

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What Does a Market Research Analyst Do?

Analyzing the market involves a series of steps that provides business owners with an overview of their current industry. We organize market leaders, types of customers, and relevant opportunity. When it comes to market services, most marketers focus on keyword research and volume. But, these facets don’t give us the answers we need for your market. By identifying where dollars are spent and what the industry lacks, we’re able to provide organized findings that guide you through your market.

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The Impact of Analyzing Your Competition

When attempting to overcome, most businesses assume that they need to mimic their competition. At PreFocus, we pinpoint what they’re doing well and where they’re failing.. Trumping their efforts begins with understanding their strategy. It’s our job to step in and help you make sense of what they’re executing so you know where your opportunity lies. Until you study your competition, it’s nearly impossible to find an area they aren’t dominating so you can own it.

How We Develops Ideal Customers

Identifying your target audience is an important step to your marketing strategy. How can you spend money on advertising when you’re not even sure where your customer base is? Here at PreFocus, we provide you with an overview of what your ideal customer(s) looks like. We expand on their hobbies, professions, relationships, social preferences, and appearance. This way, we’re able to eliminate specific approaches that tend to be a waste of your time and money.

Option 1. Market Industry Analysis

There are plenty of ways to uncover advantages throughout your market. Whether it’s behavioral data, surveys, or other persona development – they all play an important factor when analyzing your market or industry.

Who Are You?

Like any other strategy we provide, the first step begins with defining your purpose alongside the solution you provide your audience with.

What's the Market Look Like?

What are the parameters of the market that you plan on targeting? Solidifying boundaries helps us stay focused on the territory at hand.

Who's the Competition?

Although the people, the geography, and the development are factors, identifying your competition inevitably makes or breaks the deal.

What does a market analysis entail?

Are you looking to expand your business into another region? Are you a start up entrepreneur looking for the best plot of land to begin your dynasty? How about an out of date business owner looking for a competitive advantage? Either way, a market analysis is probably in your best interest. No matter how you go about it, you need a process that uncovers the specifics of the region you plan on rooting in.

Fortunately for you, we specialize in uncovering every facet of your market as well as the competition that lies within. Instead of attempting to generate a multitude of data on your own, we simply leverage some of our relationships and systems in place to garner insight on the opportunities in front of you. When it comes to growing a sustained business, one must understand where they currently sit in their niche. We take pride in presenting you with information that helps you fine tune your image while executing a new strategy in an area of opportunity.


Gain Your Advantage.

Option 2. Competitive Intelligence Audit.

Analyzing your competition is a crucial step when researching your market. Before you’re able to truly uncover your potential, you need to understand what your competitors look like, where they’re prevalent, and what they’re missing. Establishing an accurate niche begins with finding opportunity that’s left on the table by your competition.

Discover Your Identity.

Before you’re able to establish your competitors, we need to define your brand. To what extent is your offering, and how are you unique?

Where is Your Market?

In order to expand on your capabilities, we must determine your boundaries. Are you providing a local, national, or worldwide solution?

Organize Your Opportunities

In order to create competent competition intelligence, we need to bucket our findings in order to locate opportunities in sub-markets.

Making Sense of Competitive Intelligence.

The concept of competitive intelligence surrounds a thorough understanding of your market – enabling you to define your niche more accurately. PreFocus Soltuions provides clients with a series of steps that uncover specifics about your competitors. Often times, marketers attempt to mirror the efforts of others within your industry in order to compare and contrast results. We focus on the areas of opportunity so you can begin to create your own identity.

We live in a competitive era where most users prefer specific brands over others. In most cases, you’re either a Chevy guy or a Ford dude. Although sustained corporations own most of the profit share within your market, it doesn’t mean your opportunity is limited. It means that you need a strategic approach to winning over the consumers that value the specifics of your offering the most. This begins with your competitive intelligence.

Once we’ve discovered the weaknesses of your competition, we’re able to strategically capitalize while slowly taking over a share of the market. Rome wasn’t built in one day, but when there’s a process, there’s a way.


Leverage Competition.

Option 3. Strategic Persona Development.

Developing personas begins with a current market research analysis. Once you’re able to gauge your geographical reach, we can start piecing together your audience. Through our strategy, you’ll improve your conversion rates by focusing on specific consumers during the early stages of your campaigns. Once you sustain your business, you can begin growing and expanding into more competitive opportunities.

What's the Problem?

Targeting an audience with intent helps you reach opportune sales potential by driving relevant traffic to landing sites.

Viewer Potential

A better understanding of your target audience helps you develop the message you promote more accurately.

Targeting Strategy

Personas set your campaign foundation as you’ll know when and where to target consumers for results.

Meet Jane Doe

  • 56 years old in West Phoenix.
  • Enjoys reading, walking, and traveling.
  • Works as an ER Nurse Practitioner.
  • Values quality and customer service.
  • She’s looking forward to retirement.
  • Shops at Walgreens, Bashas, & Target.
  • Family and social circle are close.

Meet John Smith

  • 67 years old in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Enjoys golfing, networking, and work.
  • John is a well-known attorney.
  • Values turnover and minimal contact.
  • He’s always on the road working.
  • Shops convenient places, no loyalty.
  • His family is his social circle.

Persona Development

Skipping steps in the campaign development process can be detrimental to sustainability. An inability to attract your perfect customers can create a disconnect in the loyalty department and residual business is affected. Using a strategist to help you uncover your market and those that value your product or service benefits current or developmental campaigns.

Instead of scrapping everything and starting over, simply invest in a purposeful strategy that targets the right consumers with the same message. Stop waiting and develop your personas with PreFocus Solutions.


Target Accordingly.

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Every industry is different. There isn’t one company that’s the same. So, take the time to ensure your footprint is large enough to see. Once you’re able to understand your audience, you can begin supplying them with relevant content that engages while providing them with value.