Your Definitive Checklist for On-Page SEO.

When building service or landing pages for you professional website, don't overthink your SEO strategy. When you try to cram too much into your pitch, it's difficult to provide the value that consumers are searching for. Personalize your message with our definitive checklist for on-page SEO.
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As of late, search engine optimization has become more of a strategic tactic than a definitive process. Although many businesses are presented with process that guarantees a higher ranking, there is more than goes into your conversion funnel than keywords and call-to-actions. Creating a story that resonates with visitors needs to be incorporated and at the forefront of your SEO strategy. Nonetheless, there are a handful of essential steps that can improve your optimization efforts.

1. Create Your Purpose.

Your definitive checklist to on-page SEO begins with the reasoning behind your creation. When analyzing a website’s SEO, I often realize that keywords and mapping strategies surround keyword volume and reach instead of a detailed approach to converting their visitors. Although volume is great in it’s own ways, on-page efforts should align with your goals and expectations. If you’re attempting to sell a product or service, but your focus keyword is broad, then a majority of your traffic isn’t purposeful.

Define the reasoning behind development so your content writer can get directly to the point. If you find yourself continuing to add copy to boost your ranking, then you’re probably making things worse. Search engines now value relevance, and “run-on” copy is the recipe for a poor user experience. Once you create your purpose, you’ll be able to find an accurate keyword that may not generate as much traffic – but converts users at a higher level.

2. Stop Force Feeding Focus Keywords.

One of the most common misrepresentations of search engine optimization is the simple fact that you’re limited to a focus keyword. Although it makes sense to outrank your competition, you’re going about it all wrong. The use of search phrase variations enables you to rank for additional searches that are relevant to the purpose of your on-page copy. This is an essential aspect of our definitive checklist for on-page SEO.

For example, if you’re goal is to improve your ranking for selling shoes, then it’s your responsibility to tell search engines the specificity of your shoe. Extensive keyword research can be your guide, but what makes your shoes unique is the way you present them. No matter how many times you implement the term “shoes” into your content, it’s unlikely that you’re going to compete with big box retailers. Don’t be afraid to optimize a phrase like: “Durable leather foot ware with arch support.” Throughout your copy, add additional phrases like: “Resilient arch supporting shoes” or  “dependable arch support with genuine leather.” Expanding on the purpose of your content will draw more visitors that are specifically looking for this solution – and search engines are more likely to rank you higher based on relevance.

3. Readability is Key.

Once you’ve solidified your purpose and uncovered correlating keywords, it’s time to organize your thoughts. Landing page development is no different than writing a research paper. Not only will visitors look for an accurate solution, but they want to completely understand the product or service you’re providing. In order to garnish the results you’re seeking, consider the following tips that will drastically address the readability of your on-page content.

  • Try to keep your linking to a minimum and avoid sending users to another site or page that will distract them from their initial objective.
  • Bolded words can help visitors find the right information but it can also overwhelm them.
  • Receiving Adsense income is great, but is it also taking away from the conversion funnel you’ve created?
  • Long paragraphs that don’t get to the point can cause disinterest and hurt your credibility.
  • A lack of headings and a breakdown of content can also disengage consumers.

Impacting on-page SEO through readability is probably the most important factor of my definitive checklist for on-page SEO. Too often, I come across pages that overwhelm me and force me to look elsewhere for a solution. Although an SEO strategist can help you with this process, there are also some great tools that help you improve your readability online.

You don't always have to hire someone to improve rankings..

PreFocus Solutions offers a multitude of solutions that aid your search engine optimization. Your definitive checklist for on-page SEO is only the tip of the iceberg, but it brings you a step closer to powerful results. But, in case you’re looking for more information on a customized search strategy, click through below and tell me about your current situation.