How to Write an About Page for Your Website Part 2

When it comes to website conversion rates, your about us page is crucial. When you're invested in a competitive market, consumers want brands that'll deliver on their promises. In order to communicate competency, you have to solidify that you're a credible option. A lot of my freelance copywriting gigs begin with the about page because so many lack trust and appeal. Some businesses don't even publish one. It's so important that you're able to differentiate your brand in today's online landscape. In my first post of this series, I discussed the value of a why story. In this blog, I'll discuss a few more reasons why an about us page will drastically improve your on-site conversion rates. Promoting clarity and separation statements will go a long way in persuading your website visitors.
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Now that we’ve tapped into the why behind your business, it’s time to start expanding other other differentiating elements. As we go down the list, make sure you continue to consider your brand purpose. There’s no need to create clutter on your about us page. Staying focused on the actualities of the brand and the customers you serve will keep you from getting off track with a sales pitch. Considering other’s perspective of you is invaluable.

What Exactly Are You Doing?

I want to kick off blog 2 by urging you to reconsider your ambition if you don’t have a “why.” It’s going to be very difficult to scale with a supply and demand mentality. Just because there’s a need, doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. Writing “we offer X” on your about us page isn’t going to sustain for long. You have to be able to relay competence alongside the provision. In other words, zero in on what you do really well. What’s your bread and butter than can be promised time and time again? Don’t reach too far and stay focused on guarantees.

Think about the initial questions that customers may have. Consider the current reputation of the industry. What are some ways you can identify with your audience? What are you consistently executing and what do you want your reputation to be? How are you enhancing the customer experience? Is there a process or convenience that trumps the market? Are there pain points that you’re committed to addressing? Avoid selling in these instances and educate with substance instead.

Be specific with your mission and where you’d like to be down the road. Explain the process of your business and be concrete with what you’re set out to accomplish. Incorporate your reasoning and provide clarity on what the experience looks like. There’s a big difference in telling visitors what you do and explaining what you promise to do for them. Don’t forget this. When you deliver on your promoted promise, customers will remain loyal.

Who Makes Up Your Company?

Although you’ve already highlighted the “why” behind your business, expanding on the purpose of the people involved personalizes perception. This begins with discussing the “why” of your major stakeholders. Communicating the individual passion, experience and journey of each will increase brand credibility. Tell your visitors why you make a good team and how you plan on complimenting each other moving forward. It’s also important that you clarify roles and responsibilities. This allows consumers to know who’s in charge of what and why. The more transparency here, the better you’ll be received.

Showcasing Internal Employees

But, not every business has a group of people leading the charge. It’s your job as the business owner to formulate a competent team to implement your mission. Who you hire to handle different elements of the business will also enhance first impressions. Publish a company hierarchy with the most influential people. Some common titles include: CEO, CFO, CMO, and other managers. You don’t have to list every employee, but focusing on the customer facing positions will bode well. Customer service, operations, sales and business development initially come to mind.

Expand on everyone’s professional experience, achievements, certifications and other forms of competency. Then round out each section with some insight on their personality, interests and values. When personalization is implemented, people will buy into your brand more often than not. You want potential customers to feel like they know every person involved in their experience.

Brand Cohesion is Important on an About Us Page

There’s a high chance that every customer will relate to someone on your staff. Connecting with your audience through the people within your culture is key to developing trust. At the same time, don’t let individual profiles distract visitors from the identity of the brand. Make sure your presentation is cohesive, clean and professional. Every profile needs to include standard design elements with a team-centric approach. I highly recommend taking professional headshots or even capturing an about video for each person. A few hundred bucks can go a long way.

How Are You Different?

Differentiating your value will take your about us page to another level. In reality, this is where you combine “what you do” and “who does what.” Aside from the competent people that make up your organization, you need to explain the cohesion in the overall process. The most effective way to communicate this is by throughly solidifying the standards of the brand culture you’ve created.

Be transparent with your expectations for everyone under the company umbrella and talk about your dedication to upholding those standards. Leverage what you do best, how the experience plays out and what role each employee plays in it. Most importantly, how are you creating a culture that everyone can be a part of? Moreover, how are you encouraging people to believe your culture is beneficial to them?

Identify Your brand Drivers

If you’re a new-to-market product or service, this should be easy. But, if you’re already established, you’re going to have to persuade people that you’re now fully committed to them. Drive them towards trust with clear actualities. What are the functional and economic benefits of your business? What are the values of the company and it’s employees? How are you training and implementing the aura of your brand? How do you want to make customers and employees feel? How do you want to make them appear to others? What are the societal or environmental benefits of what you’re doing? What types of partners do you value and how do you plan on working together?

You only have one shot at a first impression. Your about us page can be your last chance to alter perception. Intentionally differentiating your value allows visitors to view you as a superior option. Considering your impact on others instead of your pockets is the roadmap to customer loyalty. When you take the time to present yourself as a viable and valuable option, people are willing to spend more for the peace of mind your provide. Intuition kicks in and they conveniently avoid shopping around and sifting through reviews.

Where Do You Serve?

Before reading on, consider the way I worded this heading. The key phrase here is “serve.” Don’t just tell people where to find you. Let them know you’re happy to serve them within “X” parameters. The way you word your about us page inevitably factors into the decisions customers make.

With that being said, be clear with your service areas. Remember, perception and convenience is everything. If your visitor has to waste time looking for more information or they’re confused, the experience is already ruined. You’re now going to have to work uphill to retain or persuade.

Use this opportunity to also discuss future logistics or company expansion plans. You may not be able to serve someone now, but a solid impression will cause them to continue checking in until you can. This is typically applicable with geographically based service companies.

Writing an About Us Page Part 3 Preview

president-of-about-prefocus-jordan-trask-company-headshot-in-west-phoenix-for-pulsebandz-brand-ambassadorHopefully starting with your “why” helped you understand the customer buying cycle a little better. I’m passionate about helping my clients understand their customers and want to help you focus on your presentation before sending traffic to your site. Far too many web developers and marketers overlook the importance of on-page copy. No matter how many people visit your website, your ability to convert them matters. In the next article of this 3 part series, I’ll talk about organizing everything so your conversion rates improve.

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