5 Ways Landscaping & Pool Service Companies can Stand Out

When it comes to the home service industry, there are a plethora of companies targeting a market share. In Arizona, pool service and landscaping companies are constantly competing for homeowner's attention. Although most win with price, I have a valuable solution.

1. Stop Telling Consumers What You Do.

When it comes to cleaning a pool or cutting grass, most homeowners are well aware of the provisions. But, when it comes to branding, not many home service companies are promoting value propositions that help them stand out amongst the pack. This is why price point tends to be the determining factor for most. If you’re simply conveying standard services and not promoting the customer experience, you’re simply throwing yourself into a bucket of options. So, think of new ways you can communicate how you make your customers feel instead. This can be done in a number of ways, but the first step is making it a priority for long term success.

Showing potential customers what you can do for them is a far better alternative. Think about this next time you’re investing a few hundred dollars on a print advertising campaign or handing out a business card. Create a unique message that speaks to the customer instead of aligning with the rest of the industry. Aside from promoting original imagery and content, here are some additional ways to stand apart from competition.

2. Create a Brand Culture and Champion it.

Most home service companies train their people on how to do a certain job and measure their performance based on completion. This is why the landscaping and pool service market intrigues me. There’s not much of a “wow” factor when it comes to cleaning a pool or trimming hedges. But, there can be if you create it. Don’t develop a tagline just to create a tagline. Establish a culture with a brand promise that all of your employees are held accountable for on a daily basis. Not only does this streamline the hiring process, but it sets the standards of service without exception.

3. Brand the Experience by Creating Memories.

Now that you’ve set the expectations, it’s time to step outside of normality and create an impression. One of the most powerful ways to increase reach is to build a review system. There are plenty of ways to ask customers if the job is satisfactory. You can leave a door hanger with a link to your Facebook page or ask them to leave a Yelp review. You could ask the homeowner to fill out a printed review form as the work is being done.

Even if the customer is annoyed, they know that their business is important to you. You can pick up the reviews when the job is complete and have your guys take a picture of it with the yard or pool in the background – then post it on social media! Anything done out of the ordinary lets the customer know they’re appreciated. Creating a lasting impression establishes loyalty and allows your company to be remembered positively even when you make mistakes.

4. Promote Your Team and Their Competence.

When landscaping or pool service is being completed, you have to acknowledge the sense of insecurity involved. Most interaction is with wives or children and they’re essentially allowing strangers on the premises. As a father of 4, I value being able to trust these people. Any additional insight gives me a peace of mind and allows my family to feel safe, secure and satisfied. Take a step back and create a little vulnerability for your business. Get to know the people you hire and promote their ability to serve your customers. Present a weekly or monthly employee spotlight or list everyone on your website. When customers know your team, relationships tend to be made.

This also gives your employees a sense of purpose and worth within the culture. They’ll feel obligated to uphold the brand standards because they’re valued for the work they put in. Not only does this enhance cohesion but allows you to attract quality candidates that are more reliable. In turn, customers take notice and will be willing to pay extra for your transparency and commitment. This improves your bottom line by avoiding hiring costs while holding onto more customers throughout.

5. Capture and Promote the Work You Do.

How will you ever know that a job is well done if you’re unable to see the quality? For some reason, there is only a handful of pool service and landscaping companies in Phoenix doing this. When it comes to larger jobs such as resurfacing or pavers – why wouldn’t you want to showcase the results? You can even take before and after photos with the company truck included. Take it a step further and have your guys take a team selfie! Most everyone has a smart phone these days and it only takes a few seconds to capture the completed work.

Not only does this show ownership that the job is satisfactory, but it creates appeal for potential customers. Who wouldn’t want their beautiful yard or pool showcased on social media by a professional home service company? This is just another way of establishing competence while ensuring the work you do is satisfactory and worth investing in. Moreover, brands that take pride in their work and personalize the experience tend to garner the most recognition.

Are You Struggling to Stand Out?

These are only a few ways that a landscaping or pool company can stand out amongst the convoluted market. If you don’t think your employees or the quality of work is worth promoting – then you may want to consider your purpose. I love helping small business so much  that I’m willing to offer a FREE strategy call to help you find the perfect solution!