In my opinion, today’s corporate landscape has really watered down the local martial arts marketplace. It’s not that quality programs have lost their muster; it’s due to the fact that national brands and franchises take over commercial centers with lower prices, newer facilities, aggressive sales and a lot more hype! Even though better options do exist, they’re not always very prevalent. This is why authentic martial arts videography is so important. The noise of the fitness realm is deafening enough as it is.

If you’re seasoned and skilled, you probably know what a results-driven gym looks like. But those looking to try jiu jitsu, karate, or taekwondo or even kickboxing for the first time have no idea. No matter the vantage, a passion for the skill is what drives member results. A successful entrepreneur or driven franchisee has nothing on an experienced, talented teacher that cares about the program and overall development of students. Martial arts takes a lot of discipline. The effectiveness of instruction and aura of the culture matters.

Fight For Visibility or Take the Punches.

At the end of the day, waiting for consumers to figure this out on their own can be costly. They deserve better. Trying a less-than-stellar class (in-general) can be detouring in a number of ways. So, when I got the call to work on an original production project for a local Taekwondo academy, I was more than eager to get to work. Authentic martial arts videography gives the market a chance to physically see and feel the function, engagement, talent and value of any program (as long as these things exist).

Taekwondo University definitely has a culture worth sharing with Desoto County, Mississippi. Just down the street from my office, the family-run-business has held onto a strong corner of the marketshare throughout the Memphis area. They’ve done so by adapting to shifts without sacrificing their values. But they were starting fall behind in the digital arena. When ownership told me they wanted to truly capture the essence of their people and students, I knew I was the right person for the job.

I Got a Kick Out of This Martial Arts Academy.

After many years training and living with purpose, Master Brumley has a lot to share with his students and the community. Taekwondo is a big part of who he is and he even wrote a book that encompasses why. Him and his wife have done a lot for their students and instructors since 2020 and really ought to be a pillar in Olive Branch. I usually try to be as critical as I can with clients and I was pleasantly surprised by the competence and character within their operation. It’s rare these days and really drew me in.

It was an honor to help them showcase the experience they’re committed to providing. They knew exactly what they wanted to say and knew they needed a little creative direction for their authentic martial arts videography shoot. This was a breath of fresh air. They offer programs for 6 year olds all the way up to adult. Every level was a lot of fun to watch. I even signed my kids up. I’ve been looking for a place like this since moving to the Midsouth next year. Like I always say, the people driving the business are the one’s that truly define quality the value.

The Martial Arts Videography Project.

I produced 6 total videos for Master Brumley and his wife. Each depicted a different Taekwondo class or after school program. Voiceover was recorded at my office and 6 hours of footage gave us plenty to work with. Since I took multiple pictures while filming, the client now has a solid media library of photo and video content for future use.

I’m looking forward to finding ways to capture the authenticity of other Martial Arts programs throughout the Midsouth. No matter what you offer, if you’ve got a story worth telling, I’m looking to share it! There’s always an angle for value. Here are a few screenshots from my favorite clips. 

Someone’s looking for you – so be purposeful with everything you do and always remember to PreFocus.