Putting Others First with Kelsey Tainsh.

In this podcast, we shift our focus to the message brands convey. Instead of chasing revenue or searching for ways to get ahead as a professional, Kelsey and I discuss the fulfillment behind putting others first. Being cognizant of the people you're serving enhances the probability that they'll get behind your message and implement it in their own lives - or business. In the long run, providing value drives trust and loyalty that an audience appreciates.
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How Putting Others First Creates Professional Fulfillment.

by Jordan Trask and Kelsey Tainsh | PreFocus Podcast

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Are you looking to improve the way you present your unique value to your prospective audience? I take the time to help you uncover your “why” in addition to the brand’s core competencies. I do this so we can focus on putting others first and generate a loyal following.