Addressing the Downfall of Originality Episode 2

In this podcast recording, I use two examples of clients that needed a reminder on the power of originality. The cannabis industry is convoluted with the sale of sex and a good time but brands are missing the actual benefits of the plant based product. I expand on this a little and close this episode with a personal brand that has a lot of value to offer to the marketplace. Tune in to learn how I'm committed to addressing the downfall of originality in branding.
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The Downfall of Originality Part 2

by Jordan Trask | PreFocus Podcast

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If you’re looking for a customized strategy to ignite the recognition and credibility of your brand, I’d love to see where I can help. Being original is the easiest way to promote competency, and I take a detailed approach to uncovering your value and position within your industry.