Top 5 Reasons Realtors Should Invest in Property Interior Imagery

Capturing the interior of real estate listings is beginning to grow nation wide. Realtors are beginning to realize that showcasing properties accurately provides future home owners with clarity. Although it may seem like a lot of work or cost a lot of money - here are 5 reasons why it's worth the investment.
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1. Purposeful Property Imagery.

Have you ever tried to take a bunch of pictures of properties yourself? When I first began house hunting, I attended viewings alone and sent pictures to my wife. No matter how many different angles or videos I sent her, it never presented the property accurately. It was nearly impossible to paint a picture of the way the room or space made me feel. It was because I was trying to showcase the listing from a device purposed for making calls – not virtual tours.

When you invest in an imagery professional, you’re gaining access to proper angles, lighting, and equipment. In most cases, this isn’t something your buddy or wife can always do. Presenting purposeful images that promote all of the nooks and crannies (that potential home owners want to see) provides you with a sense of credibility and trust.

2. Enhancing Realtor Trustworthiness.

For those that know me, they understand I tend to be pretty honest about my experiences. When it comes to real estate, I haven’t had many positive vibes. The problem is, it’s not because I don’t like the realtor, it’s because I’ve felt misled by the listing. I understand no one’s perfect, but avoiding some of my concerns so that I meet you for a tour isn’t exactly an amazing first impression. You’re not going to sell me until I’m sure about every square inch. So, why not present as much accuracy as you can on the front end so potential buyers know what to expect.

Organizing your images (so certain aspects of the property can be accessed easily) also allows you to avoid constant questioning. Most buyers spend a lot of time searching online before they waste their time with an agent. It’s a fact. So, why not present yourself and your listings in the most professional and transparent way so the consumer is drawn to you? Similar to realtor headshots, home buyers want to see updated and professional looking photos. They always select the most presentable portrait to represent them. Don’t you think they consider properly listing imagery the same way? Phoenix is full of realtors and I know I’d want to stand out. Moreover, you’ll receive less questions about the property because they trust you. In turn, the more time you’ll have to execute the tours you’ve scheduled.

3. Saving Time – For REALtor.

First and foremost, investing time and money into capturing property listings can be exhausting. Especially when you don’t have proper equipment that relays accuracy. Being a business owner myself, I definitely understand the capital constraints experienced through the first set of clients. In the beginning, you need to do what you’ve got to do.. But if you’re making a decent living and still running around taking pictures – it’s time to monetize your time.

Even if you don’t want to hire full time help, a photographer that understands property listing imagery can educate you along the way. Once you’re able to determine what your time is worth, you can begin justifying your investments and monetizing the value. Why not focus on what you do best and stop wasting your time updating pictures?

4. Competition and Home Value.

Selling a hot home can become ugly fast. I remember missing out on a ton of properties because people were willing to pay more – before even looking at the house! Can you imagine the engagement and over the phone bidding wars you’ll receive with an eloquently presented property? Appeal will steal the show every time. If you want your listing to resonate as a hot commodity, promote as many quality pictures as you can. Showcase the blemishes, create some trust, and let the demand take over.

A property with minimal or low quality photos says two things to me: There’s something being hidden, or it’s really not all that great. Buyers understand this and when they’re able to see a majority of the property online, the chances of them making an offer increases drastically. The more people you have interested in the property, the better chances you have at selling it for the asking price – or more.

5. Sell Properties Faster

Consumers base big purchases on a few things. Most of them we’ve already discussed. Trust, sight, and value. At the end of the day, home owners want to make sure their money is well spent. If they feel like they can trust you; if a majority of the interior photos are clear and precise; and if you limit the amount of questions (or banter) you have to answer – it’s common sense that you’ll sell your listings faster. When it comes to real estate, being detail oriented and honest will go a long way. Although professional interior imagery is a portion of the process, I wouldn’t sleep on it. You may catch the eye of someone browsing, and wake up to an offer on your desk.

Want More Information?

Investing in property listing imagery can be a big step in your journey as a real estate agent. This is why we cater to our clients by offering custom packages that best suit their needs. Feel free to tell us what we could help with and we’ll respond with an affordable option that satisfies the value you’e seeking.