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PreFocus Free Hand Drawing Service.

In addition to the array of services that PreFocus provides, I wanted to highlight my creative mentality by positioning myself as a local sketch artist for hire. My first passion was art and I'd love to be able to continue working as an artist while growing my branding business.
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Pencil Sketching

I provide hand drawn sketching services that can be scaled for any type of image.


Oil Paintings

As I hone in on my craft with a brush, I am currently offering specials on painting projects.

Colored Pastel

If a pencil sketch isn’t your thing, we also offer colorful pastels. This is a work in progress.


Cross Hatch & Stippling

Different elements of shading, like dots or lineage, creates drawings with perspective and edge.

Creative Retail Artwork

Pencil sketching and painting has been a hobby of mine since I was a young lad. Although I have 4 kids, I enjoy spending some of my free time creating original pieces of art to sell. Here are some of my recent projects. If you're looking for something similar to hang on the wall of your business or home, feel free to shoot me a message with your ideas. Hopefully these provide some artistic inspiration!

9×4 Foot Canvas Painting

Donated to Calvary Chapel Surprise for Children’s Ministry.

30″ Custom Woodwork Painting

Make Request or Purchase for $199

12×12″ Framed Creative Artwork

Make Request or Purchase for $145

More About My Custom Artwork:

Although most requests are “pencil sketching for hire,” I also have the ability to perform an array of artistic services. With almost 2 decades of scholastic arts and design experience, I’m passionate about creating a satisfactory piece of art for your collection or marketing initiatives. My custom drawings can be considered a side hobby, but they also align with my originality focus and improving brand presentation through purposeful imagery.¬†Feel free to inquire about the form of art that’s on your mind and we can see if it’s something I can draw or paint for you. Worst case scenario, I’ll refer you to another professional within my Phoenix artist community.

Request Sketching Services

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Additional Artistic Projects and Contracted Artwork

I was also hired in 2017 to create custom t shirt designs for attendees of the annual librarian conference at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Free Hand Sketching Portfolio

Below is some of the featured artwork from my public collection. In 2004, I received the Senior Art Medallion as well as several other Silver Keys throughout high school. I've been immersed in strategic marketing for almost a decade and am now revitalizing my passion for art and sketching. If you'd like to see some more of my work, shoot me a line. I also hand draw all of my client's logo designs. If you're looking to do something different for social media or your website, consider a sketch artist for hire! Promoting differentiation is never a bad idea!

Schedule a Call with Jordan Trask

A professional sketch artist for hire may not be your thing. I’d love to help you with other creative initiatives if you’d like to schedule a call.