Marketing Mobile Medical Services in West Phoenix

After being apart of local home health care providers, we saw an opportunity to help mobile medical providers establish their brand presence. Traditional health care is frustrating many which is why mobile solutions are on the rise. Although many of these businesses possess sound business models, it's imperative that they're positioning their brand so that they're understood, trusted, and valued. Without breaking our clients bank, we believe in our ability to help you garner awareness and recognition for your convenient services.
About PreFocusServices

The PreFocus Way:

Mobile Branding

We help formulate and organize your brand messaging, voice, target audience, and presentation. We gear our approach based on patient needs and value.

Targeting Strategy

After solidifying your audience, we target them in specific places with a clear and precise message. Whether you’re complimenting facilities or serving geriatric patients.


Develop Content

We curate quality content for online, print, and social channels – based on patient’s values. Patient testimony, physician referrals, and original imagery will generate trust.

Mobile Medical Request

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How Our Strategy Helps Mobile Medical Brands:

Our marketing for mobile medical services were developed to help you attract and engage the patient demographic you’re catering to. Although most marketers promote health information and substance, we focus on establishing the value you provide through clarity and originality. The way the current medical landscape sits, trust plays a big role in changing behaviors. In order to persuade potential patients that you have their best interest at heart, it’s important we present the value you bring in a strategic manner.

What goes into a PreFocus Strategy?

In order to develop a meaningful approach, we establish: 

The purpose of the medical solution and it’s value.

The overall message and the tone it’s relayed in.

The types or forms of content that need to be developed.

The channels or platforms the content is published on.

Forms of Content for Marketing Mobile Medical Services:


Long Form Blogs


Checklist PDFs


Creative Graphics


Video & Media




Imagery & Photos





We Have Experience Helping the Following Verticals:

Mobile Dental Practices

Remote Massage Therapists

Mobile Physical Therapists

Home Care Providers

Mobile Private Practices

House Call Systems

Telemedicine Providers

Request Mobile Medical Marketing

There are plenty of different marketing strategies available to business owners. Request more information about the PreFocus development process before you make a decision on where you’d like to invest.