Enhancing Your Content.

The following plans are geared towards improving the propose and reach (or visibility) of the content you've produced. There are a number of ways to enhance content and we begin by committing to a thorough discovery process. Persona identification and stakeholder interviews help us with understanding while content, gap and competitive analysis exposes your opportunity.


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Types of Content we Enhance:


On-Site Content

SEO and product descriptions | Home page presentation | Brand imagery | Landing pages | Blogs and News | Error messaging.


Off-Site Content

Emails (and signatures) | Social media  | Product packaging | Flyers | Letterheads and invoices | Automated messages.

Advertising Copy

Display ad imagery | Presentation | Placement relevance | Branded messaging | Grouping of Ads

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What goes into our content publication process?

When producing or revising content there are four key elements that we expand on:

  1. Your overall objectives and the purpose of your content.
  2. The message your content sends and the tone it’s relayed in.
  3. The types (forms) of content being used for promotion.
  4. The channels or platforms you’re currently publishing in.

Featured Content Enhancement Plans

PreFocus is not limited to the below plans. For more information about our custom content proposals, please submit an inquiry.

Forms of Content used to Enhance your Brand


Long Form Blogs



Checklist PDFs



Creative Graphics



Video & Media






Imagery & Photos








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There are plenty of different marketing strategies available to business owners. Request more information about the PreFocus development process before you make a decision on where you’d like to invest.