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Our campaign development process caters to brands that are looking to avoid a long-term marketing agreement. Instead of a typical content strategy, our campaign building process targets affordability and in-depth exposure. We uncover your market opportunities that relate to the value you provide so that we can map out an efficient strategy for you to execute with ease. Not only does this save you money, but it keeps you from becoming overwhelmed while building your brand accordingly.
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Campaign Building Benefits

Avoid Full Service Marketing Fees

PreFocus campaign building allows you to invest in strategic marketing one step at a time.

Maximize the Potential of Content

Differentiate your content presentation and publish more often on appropriate channels.

Improved Return on Investment

Spend less on the front end while strategically placing your campaigns to maximize potential.

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Campaign Development FAQ's

Looking for more information on our campaign building process?
What's different about a PreFocus campaign strategy?

In most cases, companies publish blog posts and share each new topic once or twice a week – then move onto the next topic. Instead of publishing an array of content on a regular basis, we focus on specific topics that enhance your brand. We take these topics and expand on them in a multitude of ways so you can continue promoting your campaign with different messaging and presentation. This maximizes your reach and ability to keep consumers engaged.

What types of functionality do we develop?

We focus on different forms of presentation that highlight imagery and branding. Although we don’t determine your functionalities until we know more about you, we offer the following forms of content: Long form blots, creative graphics, slide shares, videos, photography, memes, eBooks, and PDF checklists.

How are you able to keep your campaign pricing so low?

Instead of managing the entire process for you, we simply develop the content and optimize it’s featured forms. Although we recommend when and where to publish every aspect of your campaign, this is inevitably up to you. Our main goal is to improve the way you present your brand and to ensure your messaging is on point with consumer needs and your objectives.

How long does it normally take to produce a campaign?

We spend the initial wakening hours on our extensive discovery process. Once we finalize your main topic and features, it takes about a week to get everything curated and ready to promote accordingly. In all, 10-15 days once funding has been executed.

Want to schedule a call to discuss additional campaign options?

Determining where to invest your marketing capital can be a difficult decision. We dedicate our time to brand recognition and enhancement, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you build in other areas. Feel free to ask away!