Content Auditing

Creating engaging content doesn’t end with finding a competent writer. Take your strategy a step further by identifying opportunity between the lines.
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On-Page + Blogs

Audit your website for opportunity in readability & presentation.


Video Content

Audit scripts, media, or audio to improve how you’re perceived.

Creative + Ads

Receive an Ad copy analysis alongside your branding efforts.

Print Analysis

Before your content hits the press, let’s review your messaging.

Request a Content Audit or a Customized Proposition

Custom Audit Proposals.

Providing a customized option for potential clients is an important part of the PreFocus process. The amount of time it takes to analyze your brand’s message is consuming in itself – but it’s important to understand the impact content can have. This is we’ve decided to gear our content auditing services towards your unique situation. Every brand should have it’s own strategy as you want to establish your own recognition instead of piggy backing off of your competition.

Although the process is pretty straight forward, I want to take the time to discuss with you the possibilities. One paragraph or even sentence, can change the way a user views your product or solution. The amount of detail we cover not only educates you as a business owner, but improves the perception and performance of your brand. Promoting your brand with accurate messaging and tone can drastically enhance your conversion rates and lead you on the path to sustainability.

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