The Benefits of Original Content Creation

Developing unique content, no matter how you go about it, is a key factor of marketing execution. Here is a little more information on our perspective.
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prefocus-logo-for-content-development-services-and-solutions-for-brand-recognitionWhether you’re enhancing you on-page content or developing new advertising copy, your messaging and tone plays a big factor in conversion rates. Taking the time to produce original content that aligns with your brand’s objectives impacts the way viewers perceive your company and it’s provisions. Although a publishing process enhances your productivity, it’s imperative that you address your presentability before you begin promoting.

Writing effective content is more than volume and reach. When evaluating or producing our client’s message, it’s our job to persuade while avoiding assumptions. Assuming what consumers need or desire can detour some while confusing others. Expanding your content creation allows you to segment information in order to execute audience engagement. Keep your approach simple and ensure your content creation is clear and gets to the point.

What is the purpose?

When you do this, you’re able to develop supporting forms of content that expand on additional questions or concerns that your audience may have. Most importantly, original content creation allows you to serve your information in different ways so you can reach more users in the form they prefer. For example, some people enjoy reading articles, while others would prefer a slideshow presentation or video. Convenience is highly valued in this era and promoting clarity for every personality will give you an advantage when targeting loyalty and consumer trust.

Taking another step with originality can help you develop further recognition. For example, most companies tend to invest in stock images and mimic similar graphics by their competitors. Taking the time to develop your own creative content not only gives you credibility, but respect in the marketplace. Feel free to research some brands with excellent brand clarity and presentation. Whether it be their logo, coloring, or edited imagery – they’re highly recognizable because they develop their content with purpose. Creative content is becoming increasingly popular. Percolate, a software company, even talks about it making or breaking brands in 2016.


The realistic impact of a content strategy..

The secret behind content creation services that work is simple. Focus on your customer. Keyword stuffing is of the past, and even though search phrases are important, your content needs to be relevant and create trust. You may spend thousands of dollars on content and still experience low conversion rates. At PreFocus, we develop a content strategy that make sense to your most important critic – the customer. We spend ample time defining your audience so we keep them engaged while tying in your company objectives.


On Page copy and poor internal SEO..

Using keywords accordingly is easier said than done. There are plenty of common search phrases that don’t flow well on-page. Differentiating your use of keywords and organizing them with purpose aids you in the content development process. The user experience is being considered by search engines more and more and it’s important that your content is structured in a way that provides clarity. Some of the worst user experiences surround poor navigation and misleading content that doesn’t provide answers or solutions.


Finding mistakes in your copy..

Content audits provide businesses with an outside perspective that reads copy as if they were a consumer or potential customer. For some, reviewing or approving content can be very valuable. Not only is it important that your advertisement or blog makes sense, but you want it to be relevant to your audience. Simple mistakes or poorly written content can ruin a perspective quickly.

PreFocus Content Creation Services

Here are some of our services that surround purposeful promotion and content enhancement.

Content Audit

Detailed scoring of your current content strategy and where and how you can improve.

Content Strategy

Let’s research your market, find opportunity, and develop content set on a schedule.

Content Writer

Let’s develop specific pieces of content based on your unique niche and it’s audience.


Contracted management services to ensure copy is cohesive with your brand’s message.