Tuesday Thought Series with Jordan Trask

Every week, I come up with a new way to explain how you can use your brand identity to improve your marketing. No one has time for being basic and it's time for you to stand out amongst competition and be memorable!
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Episode 1: Standardizing Design Elements

In the first recording of my Tuesday thought series, I wanted to focus on something that drives me crazy: Businesses investing in and promoting cheap looking (or copied) social media designs. Instead of taking the easy way out and losing people’s interest along the way, develop standard templates for your publishing efforts. You’d be surprised at what a little design cohesion and the right color contrast will do for your social media engagement and support.

Episode 2: Should You Use SEO or PPC?

This is a topic I love talking about and I had to include it in the Tuesday thought series. I might bust your bubble, but there isn’t a definitive answer here. Every business is different. Until companies can understand this, they’re going to keep shoveling money at both without direction. And the contractors your paying will gladly take the money. Being able to analyze your opportunity through your brand identity and customer audience gives you a practical advantage. Although the right mix of both will increase recognition, understanding how to use them is what creates revenue and return rewards.

Episode 3: How to Formulate a Solid PPC Campaign

Pay per click is something that a lot of people think is simple to manage. Although most anyone can find some popular keywords and start flushing dollar bills, I want to encourage you think a little. In this episode, I talk a little bit about long tail phrases and how important it is to focus on user search intent. If you’re throwing money at traffic, but your conversion rates suck, it’s time to reevaluate.

Episode 4: Targeting the Right People on Holidays

It cracks me up how many businesses fail to take advantage of Halloween. Since I was feeling this type of way during the Tuesday holiday, I thought it was a good time to give you a reminder. Marketing the generalities of holidays is like going to the petting zoo and watching the animals. You need to think about the ways your IDEAL customers are thinking during the season so you can speak to them in ways that make you memorable.

Episode 5: Invest in Social Media Publishing Strategies

Most of you reading this are paying a “social media manager” that has no clue what they’re doing. They’ve been making money posting random (and copied) nonsense for people they know since they were in high school. No element of strategy whatsoever. Some of them aren’t even publishing with purpose, just to collect their check. If you think this might be you, ask your SSM what times of day they’re posting on each channel. There are times of day that are most popular, but you should be focusing on the time of day YOUR audience is online. Not everyone.. Cmon..

Episode 6: How to Discover Your Brand Identity

Listen, marketing isn’t just about developing a certain number of deliverables and crossing your fingers. It isn’t about following trends and trying to engage people’s short attention span. It’s about establishing a presence for your business. Anything outside of this can be so wasteful. My passion is to help businesses uncover their true identity so they’re marketing strategies make sense and attract the right audience – not just a bunch of likes or shares. I had to add my favorite step of the PreFocus branding process to the Tuesday thought series. Press play to learn more about bucketing adjectives to define who you are.