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5 Takeaways From Allbound's Collaborate 2016 Event in Phoenix.

I'm always looking for ways to grow our capabilities while taking advantage of inspirational tactics from like-minded professionals. Collaborate 2016 was another positive experience. Allbound created the event to educate attendees on accelerated partner channels that inevitably enhance process efficiency. Not only was I able to take away the importance of sales structure, but the impact partnerships can have on retention and customer satisfaction. Here are the top 5 takeaways I had from their event at the Phoenix Convention Center.
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1. My Perspective on Purposeful Promotion is Accurate.

One of the most intriguing sessions included 5 expert speakers on social selling and engagement. Not everyone held the same perspectives, but all reiterated the importance of avoiding wasteful posting on social media. Although purposeful quantity is encouraged, it’s important to eliminate posts that sway from your brand’s voice or funnels users in another direction. People follow you for specific insight and they count on you to provide them with your angles to help them make their own decisions.

This guest panel at Collaborate 2016 expanded on social selling quite a bit. After taking in their perspectives, I realized my stance on social promotion wasn’t much different. If you’re posting to gain attention, or your message doesn’t align with your objectives – then you’re more than likely wasting valuable time while hindering your potential. This panel discussion was very encouraging to listen to.

2. Leveraging Partners that Provide Technological Value is the Future.

allbounds-partner-sales-process-promoted-at-the-collaborwte-2016-event-at-the-phoenix-convention-centerAs a start up business owner, I definitely understand the headaches surrounding project management, distribution, and consumer data. The problem is, most of us are limited and attempt to manage everything on our own. We all have the vision of scaling in the future, but what are we really doing to accomplish these goals?

Allbound opened my eyes to an array of technological advances that expedite processes and improve efficiency. Although I completely understand how investing in partnerships can be just as stressful as doing things yourself, comprehending the value they provide can create a peace of mind that paves the way for sustainability. It’s important that you avoid focusing on the investment and look at the inevitable return they can drive. Not all partnerships are beneficial to your brand, but taking advantage of those that do can make a big difference in your trek towards success.

3. A Personable Mindset Will Help You Accomplish Goals.

One of my favorite books is “intentional Living” by John C. Maxwell. In this book, he focuses on living for others. After visiting with a number of CEO’s and thought leaders, I realized they were attempting to live with intention as well. For example, the CEO of Allbound invited me to the event after reading into my personal story. Not only did he understand the difficulties of starting a business, but he knew how impactful the event could be for my brand – without thinking about what he’d get in return.

After chatting with Scott, I found that Allbound had only been in business for 18 months. His commitment to providing value ended up detouring him from his entrepreneurial journey in the service industry. Now, he’s established a niche that provides plenty of companies with solutions to their current problems and frustrations. If he didn’t take the time to be personable (along with many others at the event), I wouldn’t have considered the value that some of the companies could essentially provide me with. Collaborating with cognizance of everyone’s goals and aspirations can take you farther than you’d expect.

4. Partnerships Enhance Growth Just as Much as Marketing.

never-sell-alone-with-a-prefocus-solution-that-enhances-your-partnerships-in-phoenix-with-allbound-solftwareIf you’ve read into my story, you’ve gotten a good feel for some of my failures and frustrations. I decided to share my story so I could resonate with others experiencing the same. I knew if I showcased my value or credibility, people would begin to invest in my perspective and trust my value. Even more, I wanted to inspire people to share my journey.

This is where partnerships can truly benefit your business. My 2nd takeaway highlighted the impact that partnerships can have on processes and customer success, but influential marketing can take this a step further. Software as a service (SAAS) is an ever growing market that focuses on partnership channels. Have you ever considered what a “Google certification” or “Hubspot partner” badge can do for your website? When you think about it, most partner opportunities include brands that are established and successful. If you’re just starting up, why not invest in this alignment so their recognition can flow into your credibility. Consumers and potential clients will definitely consider your capabilities once partnered with someone that’s known for effectiveness.

5. Marketing, Selling, and Customer Service Should be Seamless.

prefocus-with-an-allbound-strategy-that-enhances-all-of-your-marketing-channels-and-influential-partnershipsAfter being a part of 4 start up companies, I completely understand the pain of ineffective processes and lack of cohesion. Attending this event allowed me to double down on my stance in regards. Too often, customers and clients are lost during the sales cycle or when a simple problem arises. In these cases, retention is effected because communication isn’t effective. Collaborate 2016 gave me some solid insight on the importance of executing the entire journey of the consumer or client. Although I’ve known the importance of efficient processes, I wasn’t as educated on some of the available systems that enhance experiences and productivity.

Most of you are aware of the hit your business can take if you lose residual revenue. But, understanding how to implement a seamless message and process can eliminate this distraction inevitably. Not only should you differentiate marketing, sales, and customer success – but you have to ensure that communication is seamless throughout. If there is a kink in the chain, then you risk losing credibility and the investment won’t seem worthwhile for those investing capital. Take time to solidify this on the front end while mapping out contingencies so you can retain clients once you close them.

Here’s a video on the purpose behind Allbound’s software vision.