20 Week Social Media Strategy

Up to 5 Social Media Channels

Committed to Social


  • 12 Creative Memes
  • 45 Unique Images
  • 50 Total Posts

20 Week Social Media Strategy:

4 + 7 =


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Review, Sign, and Fund Proposal

Build Your PreFocus Strategy

The 20 Week PreFocus Process:

1. Strategically Analyze & Plan.
  • Uncover opportunities in your market.
  • Gain an understanding for audience interests.
  • Determine proper channels to market.
  • Identify your purpose & what you’ll promote.
2. Develop Correlating Imagery.
  • Create a theme that coincides with your strategy.
  • Capture relevant images that resonate to your audience.
  • Select your favorite photos in an online gallery.
  • Receive 12 memes that relate to your campaign.
3. Curate Messaging for Posts.
  • Organize imagery with your strategy to tell a story.
  • Identify relevant links and landing pages to send traffic.
  • Research high volume search terms and has tags.
  • Upload all messaging and content for client approval.
4. Schedule Social Content.
  • Align posts with relevant holidays and current events.
  • Build social schedule with dates and times for each channel.
  • Make recommendations for online publishing and tracking.

How is Imagery Impactful?

Understanding the way images and messaging can sway a following is imminent to the success of your brand.