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Too often, businesses are burned by online advertising services that place their advertising campaigns on autopilot while ignoring areas of opportunity. It’s important to analyze every ad and find out if it’s even relevant to what users are searching for online. Catering your persuasive messaging to search results – while avoiding keywords lacking intent – can drastically impact your advertising ROI.

At the same time, immersing yourself in advertising development isn’t enough. A strategy that follows the messaging of your campaign is important, but where you’re sending “clicks” is even more crucial. Our online advertising services equip you with an extensive audit that analyzes every aspect of the conversion funnel. In addition, we provide you with a strategic approach that’s catered to appropriate channels and corresponding users. Our discovery phase helps us understand your business objectives and goals so we can plan for a successful return on your spend.


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PreFocus Online Advertising Services

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Social Media Ads

Plans starting at $250.

Develop Social Media Advertising

When it comes to developing advertising campaigns on social media, we begin by determining where your target audience hangs out online. Serving ads on irrelevant channels can cause you to waste your budget. Targeting opportunity allows us to dial in a strategy that caters to your audience at certain points of the day – when they’re active. In addition, we also help you formulate relevant imagery that resonates with consumer’s current needs or desires. Lackluster imagery can ruin the user entire experience and hinder your credibility.

Pay Per Click Ads

Plans starting at $299.

Develop Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC can help you pinpoint specific searches in order to execute purposeful reach. Our pay-per-click strategy focuses on aligning your ads with relevant searches that encompass intent. Paying for clicks is a competitive realm that requires attention to detail and proper bidding. We provide our clients with a competitive analysis that uncovers long tail keywords that surround an imminent need or desire. Instead of blasting ads for an array of searches, we spread out your budget to efficiently attract convertible users and help you develop effective landing pages to make the most out of their visit.

Video Ad Production

Plans starting at $399.

Develop Video Production Ads

Our video advertising services encompass current analysis and future production. Promoting videos can be quite expensive and our main prerogative surrounds a positive return on your investment. Although Youtube is a prominent platform for video ads, there are plenty of other relevant channels that might better suit your brand. We help you develop a strategy that heightens your ability to convert customers while our production team has the ability to write your script and presentation strategy.

Develop display ads with PreFocus

Have you ever considered the effectiveness of your display ad? Is your advertisement cohesive with where you’re sending consumers after they click? What are you measuring? Imagery is our specialty and we’d be glad to help you develop a presentation that resonates with viewers.