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Strategic Partnerships with a PreFocus

Welcome to the family of creative and strategic branding technicians in West Phoenix, Arizona.

Danielle Jacqueline Photography

Whether you’re looking for head shots, management profiles, interior or product photography, DJP does it all. I partner with this photographer when developing creative display ads, content strategies, and by other promotional means. In order to adequately present your brand, it’s important to consider up-to-date and quality imagery.


Hike Camelback

As of February, 2018, PreFocus is now an official equity partner of With the owner currently in South America writing a book, I’ve been tasked with overhauling the website to improve user navigation, content and functionality. We’re currently looking for local advertisers to improve the appeal of Camelback Mountain’s district.


BlueSoft Web Development

Nathanial Seeley and I have been discussing SEO with intent since December of 2017. I now work exclusively with each of his clients during the discovery process to ensure their on-site optimization maximizes their organic potential. We also work hand in hand on pay per click campaigns and blog content strategies.


True Wealth Consulting

Valerie Bertrand and I have been working together on formulating a number of different business building programs, workshops and products. We discussed all of this during a radio show in January 2018. We both value the essence of branding and are committed to developing unique ways to help entrepreneurs sustain their ideas.


AZCA Signs & Wraps

It’s been great to have a media and print provider when needed. In addition to general business necessities for promotional purposes, AZCA specializes in quality vehicle wraps that “cover” your investment. Once we re-discover your brand and put together print advertising materials, we can contact a strategic partner, like Sean Turner.


Big3z Productions

Music production isn’t just valued by lyricists and artists. Ed Lopez currently provides production and local DJ solutions alongside other business capabilities that we’re developing for the local community. When it comes to engaging consumers, it’s great to have access to voiceovers and soundtracks for our production services.


NAK Productions

Nathan Kinkel and Jordan have similar perspectives on video production. Not only do they both believe that authentic media resonates best with a consumer audience, but that brands need to harness their vulnerability in order to drive believability. We’ve already started a local Phoenix podcast with Nathan.


Cult Your Brand

Cult Your Brand teaches founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and marketers how to use the psychological shortcuts to customer loyalty. Owner and founder, Jack Heald, is passionate about helping companies and small businesses understand the cognitive concepts of intuition and perception. We’ve published quite a few podcasts to date.


Middleout SEM

Partnering with a local search company was atop of our list post launch. We knew that not only did we have to allocate a competent team, but one that values strategic placement and unique brand value. Jordan met Staci through Instagram and really enjoyed the Adwords experience she and her husband have. They have a full house as well!

Jordan was a great addition to our volunteer team at the Peoria Relay For Life event. He brought his family and worked very hard to get his work involved as well. He’s very motivated and inspiring to work with. Jordan is one of the most determined people I’ve met!

Jane Hahn

Relay for Life Community Manager, American Cancer Society

Request an Opportunity to Partner with us.

When it comes to catering to your audience, it’s important to keep an open mind and stay in your lane when it comes values and objectives. Although we focus on improving your brand recognition, we understand that other companies may be best suited for your endeavors. Find out more about our strategic partnerships or submit an inquiry to determine how we can begin working together to better serve our customers and each other.