Defining Brand Identification | Episodes 1-3

There are a number of definitions pertaining to the process of branding online. Unfortunately, many of them don't truly encompass the depth of the branding process. So, in order to wrap our heads around this though starting epidemic, Jack Heald and Jordan Trask wanted to uncover their perspective on branding by defining brand identification in their own terminology.
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Brand Identity | The Real Definition | Episode 1

In this recording, Jack and I discuss the world’s definition of branding and begin to lay the framework for establishing an identity.

Brand Identity | The Real Definition | Episode 2

In this recording, Jack and I discuss brand identification and what it’s supposed to do and give some examples on what not to do.

Brand Identity | The Real Definition | Episode 3

In the final recording, we talk about the elements of brand identity and how to formulate differentiation through your target audience.

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Jordan and Jack began their chatter around the importance of branded loyalty. Tune into some other ways of defining brand identification here..

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Defining brand identification is an amazing process that requires attention to detail and passion for differentiation. I started my company to help brands define their authenticity before pouring money into marketing. Not only does this heighten results, but I help my clients establish loyalty through original content and trustworthy promotions. I’d love to have you PreFocus with me for a brief session to see where your business lies in the market’s spectrum of opportunity. Best in success nonetheless!