We Build a Content Strategy that Resonates

Our strategic content plans are geared towards engaging your target audience with quality presentation. Each of our content strategies begin with a discover process that allows us to identifying with you as a brand. Once we understand what you're after, we begin building around the value you provide. By highlighting your strengths in as many ways as we can, we establish the value you provide. To take it a step further, we only focus on channels that are relevant to the content being published. Developing a purpose behind each piece of content improves the recognition and overall performance of a brand.
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Discover Opportunity

After getting to know you, we focus on researching your market and competitors while uncovering relevant search terms.

Build Topics that Resonate

Once we establish the purpose of your campaign, we begin creating relevant topics that align with your objectives.

Curating the Message

Every topic is written in long form then published. We then segment the copy to curate corresponding messages.

Select Presentation Effects

We determine what forms of content best suit your campaign and budget. We provide the photography.

Map Out Your Story

Once we’ve executed our deliverables, we begin scheduling your content based on reach in different channels.

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What goes into our content publication process?

When producing or revising content there are four areas that need to be established:

  1. The purpose content serves with corresponding objectives.
  2. The overall message and the tone it’s relayed in.
  3. The types or forms of content that need to be developed.
  4. The channels or platforms the content is published on.

Featured Content Strategy Plans

PreFocus is not limited to these three plans. Feel free to inquire about our custom proposals.

Strategic Forms of Content that We use:


Long Form Blogs


Checklist PDFs


Creative Graphics


Video & Media




Imagery & Photos





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A content strategy is wasteful without a purpose. If you’re still on the fence about investing in a strategist, feel free to request more information.