Finding a Business Coach in Surprise, Arizona.

Throughout this blog series, Jordan Trask has expanded on his entrepreneurial journey. PreFocus Solutions is a unique entity that focuses on the development of a brand's message, imagery, graphics, and other forms of professional presentation.
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building-a-business-overcoming-my-fears-finding-value-in-social-media-production-development-strategy-logo-and-icon-for-prefocus-by-jordan-trask-in-surprise-arizonaPiecing together an approach and building relationships can be key to your business’s success – but, consistent criticism will keep you grounded. Trying to do everything yourself can sometimes be overwhelming. When I first realized I was passionate about brand messaging and purposeful content, I knew I still had a long way to grow in order to run a business. But, reaching out to others has quickly allowed me to grow in a number of ways. Once I solidified my vision and began promoting it, I knew I needed to surround myself with people that would keep me focused and mindful moving forward. Working from home was a lot to get used to and I needed a place to turn so I could continue to grow and progress. So I started thinking..

Finding Some Friends To Grow With.

Finding friends is one thing and finding support is another. I spent a lot of time reconnecting with people to see who would be willing to push me to be better – as a man, husband, father, leader, and owner. I began telling them my story and how I found my value. Some of them provided kudos while others congratulated me on the leap of faith. Others gained a better understanding for my intent and simply respected me more. Either way, I was able to lay out my intentions and relay my commitment in a serious manner. Being up front with my desire – to find someone to hold me accountable and motivate me with same commitment – allowed them to decide if it’s a commitment they wanted to make. I knew what my focus was going to be, it simply boiled down to who wanted to play a role it my progression – and vice-versa. I’ll let you know how this plays out..

What needed up being helpful was the fact that everyone I reached out to knew a lot about my personal and professional journey. But, after meeting with them all, I realized that formulating my own structure would require guidance they couldn’t provide me with – no matter how much management experience I have. Having close friends (or similar minded people) around is beneficial, but it wasn’t going to be enough to mold me into a successful thought leader. I needed someone with business growth experience that could guide me through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. This is where I saw the value in aligning with (or hiring) a business coach. The problem was, I had a hard time knowing who would bring out the best in me.

My Search For a Genuine Mentor and Coach.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to allocate the right man/woman for the job. Being a successful salesman has been great to put on my resume, but it causes me to read right through a sales pitch. I’m not very gullible – and when it comes to paying someone to provide me with something, I need to know what their intentions are. I know, I know.. It’s their livelihood and I’m not renting them to be my daddy – but am I wrong for seeking genuinity? (sp?) For the price most of them are asking, I don’t think so.. Especially when 0% budged at the proposition of trading off services.

My coaching search is essentially the purpose behind this blog post. Identifying someone to hold us accountable is an important part of start-up success. Especially for people like me who have always been managed (or held back) by a boss. Sometimes, you might not know what to do or where to turn because you haven’t experienced a certain situation before. It’s best to prepare yourself for the wave of ownership before it hits you in the face.

During my search, I started to realize that allocating people that care intrigued me the most. It also presented a challenge. Although I tried not to assume, I kept envisioning receiving advise from someone that didn’t seem genuinely interested in me. In most cases, people prefer to receive feedback from someone that’s personally invested. At the same time, you don’t want to mistake your coach for one of your friends. No matter your preference or situation, it’s wise to invest in someone that’s been there and done that. Even if it means attending a few classes requesting an business analysis.

Finding a business coach may be easy to some of you, but I want to challenge those looking to look past the BS. All coaches will have valuable experience but not all of them can provide you with the same value. The message that some of these “coaches” are telling you is eerily similar to MLM strategies. In my humble opinion, I think it’s extremely important that you clarify their capability before investing in them to alter yours. I spent plenty of time on the phone with some of these guys and it was terrible waste. I learned to understand that a majority of them are simply planning on teach me the same process they’re using on me. Get the sale, close the deal – success right?

How Finding Business Coaching Has Impacted My Story.

image-of-computer-with-blank-canvas-drawing-pad-for-professional-branding-in-west-phoenix-and-finding-a-business-coach-to-advise-you-on-marketing-initiativesEffectiveness is a very valuable trait to carry, but a personable persuader takes the cake. Think of it this way – selling something to someone once is only going to be a success, one time. Giving someone something valuable for the first time embeds the experience in their memory. Make sense?  Without going into detail on my personal sales approach, I’m basically trying to tell you to beware of the phonies because they’ll only teach you the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent a lot of time with some good dudes – but I’m still struggling with that genuine connection. Maybe my analysis is an overreaction (or I’m just needy), but it’s still my money. If I’ve learned anything over the last 3 months, it’s that patience is virtue. While I’m contemplating about where I want to put my dollars, I did want to highlight one guy I met this past week from Focal Point. Even though he’s a Broncos fan.

A Coaching Moment Worth Remembering.

I found Bob Reish in Surprise, Arizona as he was referred to me by a relationship I generated a few weeks prior. He’s conveniently located in an Office Connection and happens to be a devout Christian with many of the values I hold. Although I’m just beginning my negotiations with Bob, he left me with a quote that resonated with me well. After mentioning to him that I wanted to be more busy with productive tasks, he stopped me with a little bit of passion. He said, “Nobody should be busy, but productive.” Even though he basically said what I did, it personalized the experience for me. Now, I’m not quite ready to give him a plug (or even pull the plug), but I thought it was a great example.

No matter what I decide to do, I wanted to relay that it’s not a bad thing to seek help. Coughing up capital can be tough but try to look at what you’re going to get in return. Initially, I wanted to do everything myself – but realized I’d eventually face problems that I’ve yet to experience. To me, separating successful and failure is easy. People that fail wait until the last minute to grow – while successful people continuously grow in what they don’t know. In order to keep telling my story, I’ve decided to prepare myself for the unknown so the experience of my customers is memorable, in a good way.

Jordan Trask

Jordan Trask

President of PreFocus Solutions

Jordan is a creative entrepreneur that launched PreFocus Solutions to address that lack of brand development across multiple industries. He’s passionate about enhancing the way companies present their brand and the way it’s perceived. In this blog series, he’s been highlighting the progression of his journey in order to clarify his capabilities and improve the value he provides future partners and clients.