Capturing Authenticity with Page Carpet Cleaning

Capturing Authenticity with Page Carpet Cleaning

Working with small business owners is the best part about my job. Not only do I look forward to educating myself on their experience and value, but learning about their journey and what it's brought to their lives. Allen, from Page Carpet Cleaning, enjoyed sharing his story and teaching us about his industry. Not only has he been in business for over a decade, but he values a lot of the same core competencies that we strive to execute on a daily basis. Allen didn't want to invest in a lot of branding, but wanted to relay his person ability and attention to detail in order to stand out amongst his competition. Here are some of the photos he plans on using to further promote his business and the purpose behind the imagery we captured.
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First Impressions Matter

We wanted to encompass Allen’s personality and welcoming demeanor. In this shot, we focused on first impressions and captured his literal authenticity as he arrived for the shoot. This is my favorite photo as everything surrounding him is white. His smile and genuine eye contact really stands out.

capturing-authenticity-by-branding-Ownership-bio-of Allen-from-page-carpet-cleanings-headshot-in-glendale-az

Introduce Your Brand

Here, we wanted to convey his confidence and credibility. The concept was to compliment the “first impression” with an authentic first introduction – as you stand eye to eye. I really wanted to capture a portion of his truck graphics as his shirt logo completes the brand visual.


Capture Authentic Quality

A lot of consumers aren’t aware of the preparation required for cleaning carpets. After our discovery discussion, I found that Allen takes care of his equipment by monitoring how many square feet he cleans in relation to supplies used. His commitment to detail should be valued and promoted.


Showcase Capability

Allen talked about the general awkwardness of being in someone else’s home, and how he tries to participate in small talk throughout his visit. When there are children present, he enjoys showing them how his equipment works. So, we wanted to catch him in the act to promote his approachability.


Expand on the Experience

In order to establish Page Carpet Cleaning’s value, we knew it was important to highlight his process. Cleaning floors is more than dragging a scrubbing vacuum over the carpet, and Allen’s quality approach was worth capturing. Pictures that are outside of the norm will help him stand out.


Coordinate Your Presentation

Color coordination can play a big role in the way imagery is recognized and perceived. In this setting, we found a unique opportunity to match his equipment with props. Not only is this easy on the eyes, but it balances the picture so it can be used in coordination with his logo for ads.


Promote Unique Originality

When it comes to capturing authenticity for social media posts, it’s important to paint a picture of reality. Although we shot an array of pictures with steam, this one is from the viewpoint of a child from the hall, watching his room being cleaned. It’s almost an inside look at the value he brings.


Educate Your Audience

One of the suggestions I made to Allen was to begin educating his potential clients on facts regarding health and clean floors. Many people request carpet cleaning because they have to or as an annual investment – but providing information on health concerns may create more of a need.

The Purpose Behind Page Carpet Cleaning’s Enhanced Imagery.

One of the first things I chat with business owners about is brand positioning, promoted value, and clarity. Although Allen knew he needed to invest more money into his company, I wanted to detour him from wasting capital on advertising and other forms of content. If you take a look at their social media pages and website, you can see there’s a lack of originality and appeal.

After researching his industry, I knew that the saturated market wasn’t as focused on their presentation as they should be. This provided him with an opportunity to enhance his content and improve the way he stood out when people were shopping around. Not only can he use these photos for his website, but he can create a number of pieces of content that relay the value he provides his customers with. I was confident that a small facelift would help him get more customers in the door while his personable approach would take care of the rest. Moving forward, he won’t have to focus on ROI of ads or managing social media as his brand value has been laid out for him.

Are you looking for a way to promote value?

Marketing and branding doesn’t have to be a convoluted process that overwhelms business owners and digs into their pockets. At PreFocus, we specialize in helping you find the best way to relay the purpose and quality your brand brings to the table. Whether it’s revising copy or improving imagery, there’s always an affordable way to enhance your reach. PreFocus with us..

Top 5 Reasons Realtors Should Invest in Property Interior Imagery

Top 5 Reasons Realtors Should Invest in Property Interior Imagery

Capturing the interior of real estate listings is beginning to grow nation wide. Realtors are beginning to realize that showcasing properties accurately provides future home owners with clarity. Although it may seem like a lot of work or cost a lot of money - here are 5 reasons why it's worth the investment.
About PreFocusBranded Imagery

1. Purposeful Property Imagery.

Have you ever tried to take a bunch of pictures of properties yourself? When I first began house hunting, I attended viewings alone and sent pictures to my wife. No matter how many different angles or videos I sent her, it never presented the property accurately. It was nearly impossible to paint a picture of the way the room or space made me feel. It was because I was trying to showcase the listing from a device purposed for making calls – not virtual tours.

When you invest in an imagery professional, you’re gaining access to proper angles, lighting, and equipment. In most cases, this isn’t something your buddy or wife can always do. Presenting purposeful images that promote all of the nooks and crannies (that potential home owners want to see) provides you with a sense of credibility and trust.

2. Enhancing Realtor Trustworthiness.

For those that know me, they understand I tend to be pretty honest about my experiences. When it comes to real estate, I haven’t had many positive vibes. The problem is, it’s not because I don’t like the realtor, it’s because I’ve felt misled by the listing. I understand no one’s perfect, but avoiding some of my concerns so that I meet you for a tour isn’t exactly an amazing first impression. You’re not going to sell me until I’m sure about every square inch. So, why not present as much accuracy as you can on the front end so potential buyers know what to expect.

Organizing your images (so certain aspects of the property can be accessed easily) also allows you to avoid constant questioning. Most buyers spend a lot of time searching online before they waste their time with an agent. It’s a fact. So, why not present yourself and your listings in the most professional and transparent way so the consumer is drawn to you? Similar to realtor headshots, home buyers want to see updated and professional looking photos. They always select the most presentable portrait to represent them. Don’t you think they consider properly listing imagery the same way? Phoenix is full of realtors and I know I’d want to stand out. Moreover, you’ll receive less questions about the property because they trust you. In turn, the more time you’ll have to execute the tours you’ve scheduled.

3. Saving Time – For REALtor.

First and foremost, investing time and money into capturing property listings can be exhausting. Especially when you don’t have proper equipment that relays accuracy. Being a business owner myself, I definitely understand the capital constraints experienced through the first set of clients. In the beginning, you need to do what you’ve got to do.. But if you’re making a decent living and still running around taking pictures – it’s time to monetize your time.

Even if you don’t want to hire full time help, a photographer that understands property listing imagery can educate you along the way. Once you’re able to determine what your time is worth, you can begin justifying your investments and monetizing the value. Why not focus on what you do best and stop wasting your time updating pictures?

4. Competition and Home Value.

Selling a hot home can become ugly fast. I remember missing out on a ton of properties because people were willing to pay more – before even looking at the house! Can you imagine the engagement and over the phone bidding wars you’ll receive with an eloquently presented property? Appeal will steal the show every time. If you want your listing to resonate as a hot commodity, promote as many quality pictures as you can. Showcase the blemishes, create some trust, and let the demand take over.

A property with minimal or low quality photos says two things to me: There’s something being hidden, or it’s really not all that great. Buyers understand this and when they’re able to see a majority of the property online, the chances of them making an offer increases drastically. The more people you have interested in the property, the better chances you have at selling it for the asking price – or more.

5. Sell Properties Faster

Consumers base big purchases on a few things. Most of them we’ve already discussed. Trust, sight, and value. At the end of the day, home owners want to make sure their money is well spent. If they feel like they can trust you; if a majority of the interior photos are clear and precise; and if you limit the amount of questions (or banter) you have to answer – it’s common sense that you’ll sell your listings faster. When it comes to real estate, being detail oriented and honest will go a long way. Although professional interior imagery is a portion of the process, I wouldn’t sleep on it. You may catch the eye of someone browsing, and wake up to an offer on your desk.

Want More Information?

Investing in property listing imagery can be a big step in your journey as a real estate agent. This is why we cater to our clients by offering custom packages that best suit their needs. Feel free to tell us what we could help with and we’ll respond with an affordable option that satisfies the value you’e seeking.

Presenting a Product Effectively with a PreFocus

Presenting Product Display Effectively

When it comes to marketing your product, it's imperative that you consider the way it can be perceived. At the end of the day, lackadaisical imagery can alter consumer perception. Presenting your product effectively can relay quality in an instant.
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Why some brands take shortcuts when presenting a product.

In order to understand the reasoning behind product company initiatives, I thought it would be beneficial to put myself in your shoes. At Prefocus, we long to understand why shortcuts are taken so we can provide solutions that satisfy individual brand needs. Presenting product display effectively can drastically aid your growth efforts. But first, I wanted to highlight my opinion regarding low quality product promotions and why they’re executed.

Time Constraints

Listen, I get it. I completely understand that launching a product can be a difficult process that causes you to focus on more important developments. Especially if you need to drive some revenue before investing money into the brand. It can be overwhelming and even expensive to set up a product display with proper backgrounds, lighting and lenses. Moreover, a majority of your time is being exhausted with manufacturers, product display designs, and even general sales tactics. When it’s time to curate product descriptions and imagery, you’re more than likely drained form the overall process in itself. Starting from scratch can be difficult and we know you’re eager to get the product out there.

Limited Capital.

Anyone that launches a new product without liquid or investment capital is already facing an uphill battle. Not only are they stressed for time, but they want to stretch their dollar as much as possible. There are plenty of ongoing expenses and legalities that come along with launching a product. I understand that priorities often times fall elsewhere – and that’s OK. It’s important that you focus on sustaining your business – but if you want to sustain – there’s always a way to allocate additional funds to enhance your sales.

I Can Do It Myself.

A lot of factors go into capturing branded product photography. On several occasions I’ve had conversations with ecommerce companies that say they’re “OK” with the current presentation they’ve developed on their own. I’m not here to tell you that you’re wrong for this, but presenting product display effectively is a lot of work. At the end of the day, this comes down to how ownership monetizes and values their time.

Imagery Isn’t Important – To Them.

One of the most common opinions I encounter about product imagery is the simple thought that it doesn’t make a difference. I hear a lot of reasoning like: “The product sells itself” or “Pictures aren’t going to change a need.” Again, I completely understand – it doesn’t necessarily matter to you.. There are plenty of marketers that don’t think product imagery matters. At the same time, try considering the perspective of potential customers. Not everyone has the same viewpoint as the company. Similar to time constraints, this inevitably falls on the company’s standards and how they go about reaching their target audience.

A Quantity Over Quality Focus.

Another frequency in this realm pertains to a quantitative approach. When it comes to launching a new product, most brands believe that more options equates higher revenue. Although I couldn’t disagree more, I completely understand the perspective on this. One of the most difficult aspects of starting my business was focusing on what I do really well. Although I can manage a plethora of tasks and projects, I needed to streamline my services to impact and provide value to a specific niche.

This is uber relevant in the product realm as well. It can be difficult to comprehend how an overwhelming number of options can actually increase bounce rates and disinterest. It simply takes an open mind and strategic patience to overcome this. Thinking about immediate return can easily detour us from our long term objectives.

How a Lack of Quality Can Hurt Branding.

After acknowledging some of the reasoning behind this epidemic, I’d like to discuss some the ramifications that can transpire. Failing to consider the impact of quality product presentation can alter your growth aspirations and short term goals. Marketing materials that avoid presenting product display imagery with a purpose can hinder credibility. Here are some of the consequences of ignoring a quality presentation.

Competitive Disadvantage.

In today’s age, most consumers want to obtain peace of mind that they’ve made an investment that satisfies their imminent needs and values. Moreover, a majority of consumers shop products and compare their features before pulling the trigger. This is especially true with more expensive options – such as appliances, tools, and electronics. According to PWC, 83% of U.S. consumers compare products online before venturing to their local store. If you’re unable to separate yourself, or even be comparable to your competition – then how do you suppose you stand a chance? More often then not, you’ll find yourself lowering prices to compete.

Even if a product is less superior, consumers are attracted to appeal. Especially when they’re shopping and cognizant of first impressions. It can be difficult to acknowledge this, so try to look at it from a different perspective. An online store (let’s say Amazon) shows the same product, for the same price, by two different suppliers. One of the product presentations is lower quality and hard to see. Every time, the consumer will select the better visual. Simply because it’s a more trustworthy purchase when they aren’t able to physically hold the item.

Here is a client example prior to working with us, versus 3 of their competitor’s variety photos.


Product Display Provides Insight.

Have you ever looked through a product catalog and been frustrated because “image unavailable” sits atop the product description? I know I have. For the most part, we all want to be able to see and understand something before making a purchase. Low quality (or ineffective) imagery doesn’t allow a buyer to physically see the quality of the product. Even more, a low quality presentation resonates the same. As corporations and small businesses transition online, it’s imperative that consumers are able to visibly gain a sense of the product since they aren’t able to physically hold it. Strong imagery showcases value and establishes trust alongside the brand.

Brand Perception.

66-percent-of-customers-want-to-see-at-least-3-images-of-a-product-they-want-to-buy-based-on-presentationI know this may seem like an impact below the waste, but it’s the reality of the situation. It means something to a potential customer when a company goes into detail about a product their interested in. Quality presentation creates a peace of mind that shows you’re willing to enhance the visual in order to garner consumer trust.

No matter how spiffy your ecommerce site is, or how awesome your logo looks – poor presentation can turn off potential buyers. Sometimes even causing a low perception of the brand because of it. In turn, it hinders new acquisition and repeat customers altogether.

How Branded Imagery Benefits the Business

I know I went into extensive detail above, but my intention is not to offend you. Although it can be a tough pill to swallow, I want you to know that we’re only here to help. Allowing an outside influence to help promote your baby isn’t an easy transition. But, here are some reasons why it can be in your best interest moving forward.

Monetizing Your Time.

The first question I want you to ask yourself is: how are you monetizing your time and when is it worth it to outsource? I know what it’s like to feel the need to control everything in order to reach the standards you set for yourself – but is it taking away from what you do well? Does it feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? What’s the worth of being able to feel accomplished on a daily basis or spend more time with family and loved ones?

Setting up a product photo shoot can be a lot of work. Placement, lighting, and angles are taken into consideration for a reason. When you’re crunched for time, it’s hard to execute capturing a product effectively. Why not allow someone to help with this in order to streamline the process and save you time? At the end of the day, this is up to you to determine – but monetizing the time you spend on business endeavors should be a consideration nonetheless. Even if it seems like you’re saving money, everything has a price tag.

Confidence and Contentment.

Possessing a product with quality presentation enables business owners (and employees) to confidently promote it accordingly. If you’re ashamed of the way something looks, in comparison to something similar, then it’s more than likely going to hinder your excitement towards selling it. We can all understand that an image is better than no display, but why not be proud of your display?

Although it seems like you’ve crossed off all the boxes, you’re disallowing yourself to feel a sense of contentment – you know there’s still more to improve upon. This causes you to sell harder or talk more to overcome what a quality presentation can bring. Ask yourself if your current presentation gets the job done or if it could be better. If you could care less, consider what your audience’s thought process. Inevitably, trust and acceptance is in the eye of the beholder.

Enhancing Your Return.

I’d like to return to a previous point that touched on quantitate product metrics. I often hear that offering a wide variety of products increases overall sales funnels by creating options. Unless you’re already established, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Why not take the time to pinpoint your biggest areas of opportunity (or most relevant needs) and cater to them? Publishing a large variety may improve SEO reach but it won’t necessarily fill your pockets.

Even if it takes longer to launch product lines, you’re promoting quality from the get go. Customers take notice of this. Using proper angles and lighting can drastically enhance the attractiveness of your product. Investing time and money into presentation establishes a qualitative presence and branded recognition. Once you’re able to sustain a select product line, you can then expand on options or add-ons while retargeting previous customers with enticing offers. I know that keeping it simple doesn’t sound sexy, but sometimes “more is less.” Improve your chances of converting until you’re able to scale and expand.

Lastly, quality presentation creates consumer engagement. If something is beautifully or articulately displayed, people will want to share it. Whether you promote a 3D display, slideshow, or optimized image – consumers are more likely to share and suggest appeal. Consider the amount of reach (or awareness) you can garner from product imagery that’s promoted organically. These are some of the reasons why presenting a product effectively can actually drive more revenue – simply by strategically viewing promotability with an open mind.


Thanks for reading and best of success nonetheless in 2017!

Thinking About Hiring a Product Specialist?

We understand that investing money back into the business takes extensive consideration.  This is why we’re currently OFFERING $100 OFF to new customers in 2017. Simply submit a contact form and mention “100OFF” alongside your project description.

How Camera Angles Create Dramatic Imagery

How Camera Angles Create Dramatic Imagery

When it comes to product or imagery branding, creative camera angles play a big role in the final presentation. Being equipped with quality equipment helps with production, but if you're unable to capture dramatic angles then the actual quality of your photo can be lacking. After reviewing this article you'll be able to see why camera angles create dramatic imagery. Let's look at a simple example below.
About PreFocusOur Services

My example showcases a multi fold brochure that one of our client’s use. Promoting this print design was important as a percentage of their proceeds benefits less fortunate people from around the world. In order to present the unique display of their charitable contribution, I wanted to present their mission from a resonating perspective. I decided to write about it as I’ve always been passionate about the way strategic camera angles create dramatic imagery.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, we wanted to develop some pictures that were relevant to the holiday season. We started the process with a vantage point that didn’t utilize the angles we were given:



The two above photographs were taken with settings in mind, but not a perspective. In those examples, we avoided considering an array of angles and purposefully photographed a straightforward shot. I wanted to discuss this approach as it can drastically aid marketing effectiveness. In my opinion, general photography that lacks perspective can alter the user experience and brand perception. Addressing this will not only help you attract new customers, but identify low quality work.

When capturing imagery for our clients, we approach photography with an open mind. It’s almost impossible to know exactly which shot is going to be the most effective. But, if you’re not experimenting with angles and lighting, then you’re not going to maximize your potential. When determining a final product, we want consumers to be able to view the image from a perspective they’re not keen to seeing. In other words – without a creative viewpoint, we’d be assuming that a general photo would get the point across well enough. Now, let’s look at a few examples that showcase the same brochure from more dramatic angles.


When it comes to marketing your product (or brand) online, it’s imperative that you captivate your audience with quality imagery from a dramatic perspective. If you’re not able to draw them into your brand’s presentation then you’re risking losing their interest altogether. People want to be apart of something that’s engaging, rewarding, and purposeful. If you’re investing in original photography, then why not present yourself in a way that’s worth remembering. People but from those they remember and if you’re relaying quality and value, they won’t forget. I don’t want to tell you how to go about your business endeavors, but I won’t deny my passion for quality presentation. I hope this was helpful, and never hesitate to reach out.

Best in success..


Looking for an Imagery Consultant?

Quality imagery and presentation begins with a creative strategy. In order to capture and captivate your audience, it’s imperative that your portray yourself in the most effective way. With my experience in production and content strategy, I believe I can guide you in the right direction – and I’d love to hear about your story.

Why Consider Original Content and Brand Photography?

Why is Original Content and Photography More Effective?

When it comes to developing content and imagery, I've noticed that many brands lean on copy-cat techniques and stock photography. Although I understand why they're doing this, I can't help but think why they believe this is going to enhance their conversion rates. Let's view this from the perspective of a consumer and see where it goes..
About PreFocusContact

promote-quality-imagery-and-content-by-focusing-on-your-customers-needs-pictured-is-a-black-harley-dyna-swithcback-in-downtown-phoenix-next-to-some-wall-artIf you’ve been following me over the past year, you’ve probably noticed my passion for presentation. No matter what your content resource is, it’s imperative that you don’t distance yourself from this strategy – rather work smarter. In the past, I’ve been affiliated with a number of businesses that leverage articles, inspirational posts, leading professional’s ideas, and even competition for content. The problem is, they’re not necessarily leveraging them – they’re stealing from them.

No one should know your offering better than you – so why not showcase this at a maximum level to ensure you’re resonating? Duplicating someone else’s writing, imagery, or strategy is a bad idea all around. If you have long term aspirations for your brand, then you should be considering every endeavor you’re involved with. Here’s some reasoning behind my belief.

1. The Potential for Consequences.

The cost of duplicate content is a lot worse than most of you realize. Some businesses actually continue paying SEO contractors blindly. They’re unaware of the consequence while searching for a way to reach #1. (This is nearly impossible anyways.) Without a large amount of capital to invest in optimization you’re setting yourself up for failure – especially if you’re ranking ability is jeopardized. Using photos or copy that don’t belong to you can result in getting sued. Even more, ranking in the near future becomes a pipe dream once search engines drop your quality score and penalize you. Is that worth pulling an image from Google search results or changing some verbiage in an already published article?

If you have the money to throw at SEO, consider addressing your branded content to save yourself the stress. Relaying knowledge, success, and expertise will build the perception of your image more than duplication ever will. Copying can eventually handicap your ability to persuade someone you’re different or worth their dollar. Stay focused on handling business on a personal level and showcase the stories on other channels (such as social media). Not only will original content help you avoid consequential penalties, but it’ll help overcome an inability to be organically found.

2. Competition is a Real Life Thing.

When you set out to conquer the world with your product or service, did you think you were the only one? I hope not.. In my opinion, losing the competition battle is one of the main reasons businesses fail. I’ve literally seen companies try to do the same thing as their direct competitor and wonder what’s broken. For years I’ve seen bloggers with no knowledge in the industry curate content for businesses. This is where brand recognition comes into play. If you don’t create your own voice, vision, and solution (at least with a twist) – then what are you doing?

Sure, people can make a decent living mowing the same style lawns with the similar equipment, etc.. and that’s perfectly fine – but if you want to eventually scale and build something then you must acknowledge the need to stand out. There’s always going to be someone looking to trump one of your promotions and steal your customers. That’s why developing a seamless message and original content that doesn’t waiver from your value is important.

Once consumers see you as a viable brand, prideful in originality – it’s simply up to your retention and service. If you refuse to separate yourself then you’re risking a few bad reviews ruining your reputation for good. The more people that relate to your message and voice, the more likely they’re going to support you – no matter the circumstance. But, if you don’t take pride in highlighting what you do well then you’re limiting your potential – while giving competitors an advantage.


3. Trust is in the Eye of the Beholder.

I get a lot of slack for this belief, but I’ve seen enough to know what inevitably keeps customers engaged. Every business is different and no brand is the same. I get that. I also understand how 30 year old companies lean on grassroots – or how a monopolized need leaves consumers with no choice.. But failing to consider what a potential customer sees (especially if you want more revenue) blows my mind. I know that I’m more picky than most when it comes to where I spend my dollar – but I’m also not ignorant to the fact that a new generation is becoming adults.

Referrals aren’t going to last forever. The old days of “Mike said Jerry was good at this and he has a guy” – are coming to an end. The ability to be found and the ability to relay trust is becoming a necessity. Today, pretty much everything can be found online. If you’re out of touch with this reality then you’re missing out on opportunity. Even if you take a small portion of your time (or budget) to invest in quality trustworthy promotions you’ll see a difference. It can be as simple as an appealing customer testimonial or a detailed about me page.

Let’s Put Believability in Perspective..

When I was finally able to convince a past client to promote head shots of their physicians, there was an immediate surge in patient registration. Why did it work? People want to know the clinician that’s managing their health. How did I know? Because I asked patients what their determining factors are. Hell, I even realized I want to be able to see who I’m meeting with. If I can’t find anything online, I don’t  necessarily think somethings wrong – but it doesn’t seem right..

How Does Originality Promote Trust?

If you’re afraid of being vulnerable in order to prove you’re trustworthy, then your grassroots campaign can slowly turn into a game of telephone. Give the people want they want so they can be comfortable investing their time and money for your product or service. They want to trust you, and (in most cases) you just have to show them they can.

Posting random quotes, relevant phrases, or general imagery isn’t going to be enough to keep you on the playing field. Technology is advancing and most development surrounds efficiency and convenience. People want to know as much as they can before forking over cash. Promoting one of your actual plumbers helping a local homeowner tells a potential customer your capable. The simple fact they know it’s a real story versus a relevant photo should open your eyes.

Think about it as you shop or browse. What brand seems phony to you? Consider how much easier it’ll be to scale when people already believe in the message you’re relaying. It’s hard to do that when you’re using general imagery and content that people can’t sense and feel.

Trust me.. 😉

West Phoenix Brand Presentation Examples

Recent West Phoenix Brand Presentation Examples

I've spent the last few weeks attending events, meeting with potential clients, traveling with family, and designing promotions. Since I haven't had a lot of time to promote and relay some of the illustrations I've been apart of - I thought it would be beneficial to showcase a few to reference at a later time. I really hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!
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