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When it comes to marketing your brand, consider the power of original videography. Although script writing for product and service videos is my jam, I aim to present the purposeful story behind your brand origin. With a PreFocus on authenticity, I strategically ask questions and capture answers that your target audience in Desoto County and Memphis, TN will appreciate and value. By uncovering your identifying characteristics, I help you speak to people in a way that drives recognition, respect and loyalty.

Authentic Focus

My video strategy showcases purposeful value propositions based on your journey, personality and actual culture you’ve built.

Natural Placement

I focus on original settings and evidence that conveys a comfortable environment in order to magnify trust and preview the brand experience.

Company Insight

Aside from promoting the needs you serve, I help you clarify your business purpose and processes in order to convey differentiation.

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Start Up Companies

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Small Business

Seeking a way to stand out in the market and solidify their competencies.

Personal Brands

That are looking to promote their personality with an authentic first impression.

Brand Storytelling Videography Clients

Here's a brief look at a few of my client's original media productions.


The Benefits of Interview Production

Producing video content is becoming one of the more popular promotional mediums – especially online. The problem is, way too many video strategies focus on statements and sales pitches instead of qualitative value. As the media landscape continues to evolve and become more competitive, I believe it’s important to stand out as much as possible. Originality and authenticity is the only way to accomplish this on a consistent basis. You have to be memorable in order to be memorable – otherwise, you’re just another option.

While many brands believe in exotic graphics and digital effects, we know this type of productions isn’t always affordable, or even effective. Not everyone wants to be told what to believe. Some actually want to feel you. Instead of dumping your entire marketing budget into a creative video that might persuade, it’s my job as a brand story videographer to help you personalize your presentation with consumer perspective in mind. Call it a psychological approach if you will. Here are some of the benefits of investing in this type of production strategy for your Mississippi business:


Consumer Insight.

An interview setting creates vulnerability that audiences can feel. It gives them general answers to realistic questions they seek about the company they’re considering doing business with. Throughout the process, I ask purposeful questions you might avoid in other forms of media. This creates clarity and trust most consumers don’t garner from a sales production or branded promotion.

Company Introductions.

Developing a branded story with company stakeholders (or those in forward facing positions) introduces potential customers to the people behind the brand. Seeing and getting to know the personalities of the business enhances comfort levels and approachability. This gives your target audience someone to trust or believe in before they make a purchase decision.

Address Misconceptions.

Hiring me as your brand story videographer provides clarity for those unsure of what type of value you can provide them with. Video content can answer a lot of questions on it’s own, eliminating perception outside of your control. Consumers buy into brand identities that pay attention to their needs and serve them with purpose. Again, this helps build trust and loyalty.


My branding video approach is far cheaper than a typical production project. Answering legitimate questions in one setting helps you avoid detailed script writing, casting calls, additional equipment, and an extensive video editing process. Focusing on your  brand voice in a comfortable environment allows me to piece together a genuine story with ease.

More Brand Story Videographer Examples

Check out some of the productions we’ve developed for local clients.  


Let's Talk About Capturing Value

Although I enjoy focusing on interview production and videography, I value helping my clients establish a brand identity and message that resonates. My experience in strategy and script writing gives me an advantage over point and shoot videographers in Olive Branch, Mississippi. I’d love to hear more about your goals and your audience so I can help you piece together your brand story.